Focusing on the Main Business and Reshaping the Core"丨President Chen Bin Invited to Attend the Themed Salon Sharing Session

On 27 September, the Sichuan Broadcast Institute and Entrepreneurs' Club held a sharing session on the theme of "Focusing on the Main Business and Reshaping the Core - How Private Enterprises Can Better 'Survive' in the Context of the Long-Term Global Economic Recession" at Chengdu Homeland Hotel. Dr. Chen Bin, Honorary Chairman of the Entrepreneurs’ Club and President of Continental Hope Group, was invited to attend the event.

The theme of the salon was to discuss how private enterprises can survive and thrive in the context of a prolonged global economic recession. Chen Ming, Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Club and Chairman of Chenming Group, Zhou Xiping, Secretary General of the Club and President of Sichuan Broadcast Institute, Peng Yongchen, President of Peking University Sichuan Alumni Association, Deng Hong, Honorary Chairman of the Club and Chairman of Global Premium Wines & Spirits Co., Ltd., Yu Li, Secretary General of Chengdu Federation of Enterprises and Chengdu Entrepreneurs Association, Zhao Yu, Honorary Chairman of the Club and Chairman of Highwave Sports, and other leaders of the Entrepreneurs’ Club and leaders of Sichuan Broadcast Institute were invited to attend the sharing session with hundreds of entrepreneurial participants.

Dr. Chen Bin gave a speech on the theme of "How to Survive and Develop Private Enterprises in the Context of Global Recession", saying that the world economy is currently in the post-pandemic era and although the impact of the pandemic on the economy has eased, the escalation of geopolitical risks in Russia and Ukraine, coupled with the withdrawal of loose monetary policies by major global Central Banks, has triggered a spike in commodity prices and the crowding-out effect of high inflationary pressure on the economy, which has brought major global economies back to the brink of recession. Dr. Chen Bin cited the economic indicators of the US, Europe, Japan and other countries and regions in recent years, pointing out that the global economy may be entering an unprecedented "super recession cycle".

Dr. Chen Bin stressed that, against this backdrop, although China's economy has overcome many difficulties and achieved positive growth, the economic situation is still relatively tough, taking into account the international and domestic situation, and therefore it is urgent to explore a focus, turn or breakthrough in the direction of business operation at this time. We should have a deep understanding of the current economic situation, look back at history, learn from successful experiences, adhere to economic development as the core, create a healthy and just business environment, and private enterprises should play a good role as the main force to ensure survival and development.

Dr. Chen Bin shared the successful experiences of Continental Hope Group's Gem Town, the Lakeside Spring Dawn Project and Hope - Mumian Lake projects, encouraging private enterprises to give full play to their distinctive advantages, find the right track, develop and implement differentiated strategies, and stand out against the wind. "Winter is here, can spring be far away?" Dr. Chen Bin concluded, exploring and executing differentiated competition strategies with heart, integrating resources, and cooperating for a win-win situation.

Deng Hong, Chairman of Global Premium Wines & Spirits Co., Ltd, Cheng Shoutai, Chief Partner of Tahota Law Firm, and Zhang Jixue, Chairman of Xinchao Media Group, also delivered speeches on the theme of “Focusing on the Main Business and Reshaping the Core". The entrepreneurial participants actively engaged in exchanges and discussions, and there was a strong learning atmosphere.

After the discussion in the form of this thematic salon, the entrepreneur participants have a deeper understanding of the current economic situation. "Focusing on the Main Business and Reshaping the Core", member companies of the Entrepreneurs' Club will rely on their own strength and successful experience to find opportunities amidst challenges, to forge ahead and to cooperate for a win-win situation.


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