CHG Executive Vice President Liu Haiyan Inspected the Progress of Hope Cloud Smart Valley Tianfu Park Project

In September, the construction of Hope Cloud Smart Valley Tianfu Park is in full swing, and the construction site is bustling with activities. On September 26, Mrs. Liu Haiyan, CHG Executive Vice President, accompanied by Wang Hua, General Manager of the Group's Operation Management Centre, Yang Haifeng, Executive Vice General Manager of the Real Estate Division, as well as the persons in charge of Hope Cloud Smart Valley project and of the construction, visited Hope Cloud Smart Valley Tianfu Park to inspect the work.

During the inspection, Executive Vice President Liu Haiyan pointed out that Hope Cloud Smart Valley Tianfu Park is a benchmark project for the Group's expansion into the industrial real estate field, and it is also a Continental Hope - Intelligent Manufacturing - Headquarter Economic Park project invested and built by the Group. The entire project relies on the Group's industrial base in the fields of technology research and development and equipment manufacturing and brings together the Group's "three headquarters" (R&D Headquarter, Mechanical and Electrical Headquarter and Intelligent Technology Headquarter) to build a complete innovation ecological chain of "R&D + Headquarter + Production Base". The project will not only achieve industrial expansion, industrial mutual support, and complementary advantages, but also gather a number of innovative subjects with listing potential, and continuously stimulate the innovation and creativity of market subjects; at the same time, the project is also an important initiative to give back to the hometown and help its economic development.

After inspecting the site and listening to the detailed project status report, Liu Haiyan, Executive Vice President, fully affirmed the overall construction plan and progress of the project, and put forward specific requirements for the follow-up construction work: First, we should strengthen the concept of time, under the current situation of epidemic prevention and control being extremely severe, we should arrange construction personnel, construction equipment and construction time in a scientific and reasonable manner, and we should race against time to try to recover the time lost due to epidemic prevention and control. Secondly, we should strengthen the safety responsibility, resolutely implement the measures of epidemic prevention and control and safety production, and we must "grasp with both hands" to ensure the steady progress of construction. Thirdly, we must establish brand awareness and make Tianfu Park a "boutique" industrial park with the characteristics and brand effect of Continental Hope Group with high standards, requirements, and quality.

At the construction site, Executive Vice President Liu Haiyan also asked in detail about the working and living conditions of the project staff and construction workers, and expressed her appreciation for the hard work of all the project staff and construction workers, and on behalf of the Group's Board of Directors and the Group's leadership, she sent her greetings and wishes to everyone on the occasion of the upcoming National Day.

On behalf of the Real Estate Division and all staff of the project, Deputy General Manager Yang Haifeng expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Executive Vice President Liu Haiyan and the leaders of the Group for their care and support. He said that no matter what difficulties we encounter, we will resolutely carry out the strategic deployment of the Group, uphold the spirit of "Excellence Beyond Border", adhere to the principle of "scientific organization and careful construction", complete the construction tasks in quality, quantity and on time, strive to achieve the strategic objectives of the Group and contribute to the development of Xinjin with actions.

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