The "Songping Valley Health and Wellness for Entrepreneurs" Summer Study Tour Successfully Held

From 19th to 21st August, at the invitation of Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group and Honorary Chairman of the Entrepreneurs Club, about 100 entrepreneurs from Sichuan Broadcast Institute (Doctor of Finance, Study Tour and Entrepreneurs Club) came to Songping Valley, Maoxian County, and held a summer study tour with the theme of "Enter Songping Valley and take the pulse of entrepreneurial health and wellness".

According to data from the 2020 Green Paper on the Health of Chinese Entrepreneurs, for every 100 private entrepreneurs, nearly 70 have abnormal cervical spine and 45 may suffer from thyroid nodules, increased body mass index, fatty liver and other diseases. Entrepreneurs have contributed to the rapid development of the national economy at the cost of their bodies, but their own health problems are becoming more prominent.

To help entrepreneurs enhance their awareness of health management, learn about physical and mental health management, and better protect their own health and that of their family members, Sichuan Broadcast Institute invited Professor Liang Chao, an expert of the State Council Special Subsidy and Chief Physician of the Department of Geriatric Cadres of the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, to deliver a speech on "Entrepreneurs' Physical and Mental Health and the Way to Health" with his profound medical knowledge and decades of clinical treatment experience, to ensure the physical and mental health of all entrepreneurs.

In the afternoon of 19 August, the participants arrived at the Diexi Gem Town one after another by car. The staff of Treasure in the Cloud, dressed in Qiang costumes, warmly presented a welcome gift and invited the participants to stay at the Treasure in the Cloud Homeland Hotel, which is owned by Continental Hope Group. "The cool climate of the town made everyone feel relaxed and at ease, especially when the temperature in the cities has reached 400C.

Continental Hope Group prepared an elaborate welcome ceremony and dinner for the entrepreneur trainees with Qiang style. On behalf of the Group, General Manager Cheng Wenzhao of the Energy & Chemicals Division welcomed everyone, and gave a brief introduction to the Diexi Gem Town, where they would be enjoying the study tour.

At the dinner, President Zhou Xiping delivered a speech, saying that this study tour is not only in response to the call for energy saving and electricity saving in Chengdu, but also really for the health of the participants, so top Chinese medicine experts were invited to take the pulse of health for everyone. In the green mountains and water, everyone can learn the method of healthy regimen.

After a sumptuous dinner, the group took a walk in the 20-25°C breeze to enjoy the beautiful night view of the town of Diexi.

On the morning of 20 August, the health-themed tour kicked off with a lecture by Mr Wang Chunhui, Vice President of the Sichuan Broadcast Institute and Head of the Institute's Health Management Centre, who acted as the host. After the participants were all seated, the host invited Professor Liang Chao to deliver the keynote speech.

As an expert receiving a special allowance from the State Council and the longest serving Director of the Department of Geriatric Cadres at the Affiliated Hospital of Chengdu University of Chinese Medicine, Professor Liang Chao, with his decades of clinical experience and his medical knowledge of both Chinese and Western medicine, gave advice on the health of the participants.

Surprisingly, Professor Liang Chao did not confine himself to teaching people the secrets of health care at the level of "art", nor did he confine himself to the boundaries of "Chinese medicine" and "Western medicine", but advised the entrepreneurs to pursue the coherence and unity of "form", "qi" and "spirit" while pursuing fame and fortune.

"Each person comes with unique attributes and how to develop healthy behavioural habits from the routine bits and pieces according to their actual situation is the way to go." Professor Liang Chao explains, "In the face of the endless variety of illnesses, it is not enough to intervene and seek immediate and visible results through Western medicine. As a whole 'human being', form, qi and spirit are interrelated. To fix the spirit, nourish the qi and correct the form, one can have a deep foundation to resist or neutralise the threat of disease."

Professor Liang Chao's lecture was applauded by the whole audience, and the Q&A session was extended time and again. Everyone benefited from this unique lecture on medical theory presented by Professor Chao Liang.

Afterwards, at the invitation of the host, Dr. Bin Chen, President of Continental Hope Group, took to the stage to share his experience and gains in health and wellness.

Dr Chen Bin began by expressing his gratitude to Professor Liang Chao for his lecture, "After listening to Professor Liang Chao's lecture, many of my original doubts were resolved." Combining his own experience, Dr. Chen Bin shared, "regular and happy exercise is my secret to good health. Although I may not be as professional as Mr Zhao Yu, Chairman of Highwave Sports, the spirit of healthy, happy and persistent exercise is the same. I hope we can all run a good life with a healthy body".

Then, Dr Chen Bin introduced the overview of Diexi Gem Town to the participants. As an investment project of the Mao County Government, Continental Hope Group has created a green circular economic ecology from energy, chemicals, electricity and cultural tourism. Nowadays, the market popularity of Songping Valley Scenic Spot in Diexi has ranked fourth in the hot list of scenic spots in Aba Prefecture. Dr. Chen Bin said, "From the perspective of rural revitalization, it is the glorious task of Continental Hope Group to drive local people to increase their income and get rich by creating a gemstone town; from the perspective of gemstone processing, Continental Hope has the domestic premier technical ability, resource ability and pricing ability. Everyone is welcome to visit and offer advice."

After the health lecture, the group was divided into two groups to visit Diexi Gem Town in the afternoon, where the participants visited the Turtle Returning Wonderland, Diexi Haizi, Diexi Ancient Street, Treasure in the Cloud Gem Museum, Mao County Geological Museum, Fan Lihua Pointing Platform of the famous Tang Dynasty General, cliff carvings from the Tang Dynasty, and Jumble Stone Park.

While enjoying the natural and cultural scenery, the participants had a “fulfilling” tour in the gemstone art centre in Diexi Gem Town.

The evening bonfire is a particularly anticipated part of the event.

Amidst the aroma of roasted lamb, staff from the Treasure in the Cloud Homeland Hotel dressed in brightly coloured and intricately patterned ethnic costumes, hosted a unique Qiang toasting smack ceremony for the entrepreneur participants.

After two or three glasses of wine, the participants graciously presented a spectacular display of their talents, including singing, dancing and martial arts.

In a joyful and warm atmosphere, Dr. Chen Bin, Professor Liang Chao, Chairman Zhao Yu, Chairman Wang Jinrong and the elites of the Chengdu Association of Female Entrepreneurs, club members such as Yang Shutao and Bin Yonggang joined the participants in the party.

As the evening drew to a close, everyone joined in the final session of the "Guozhuang" (or Qiang dance). Everyone was so impressed by the town's Qiang culture that they could not help but gather in the middle of the "dance floor" to sing and dance their way to the end. As the participants said, this night was as energetic and youthful as Dr Chen Bin's "early 30s".

On 21 August, the tour group arrived at the 4A-level scenic spot Diexi Songping Valley early in the morning to enjoy the fresh and natural green journey. Between the graceful green mountains of Songping Valley, there are highland lakes such as Changhai, Wucai Pond, Baishihai and Mohai, which are like gems of different shades of colour, shining with a mysterious radiant lustre.

At the end of the three-day and two-night study tour, everyone was reluctant to say goodbye to the beauty of Diexi. This weekend, beauty and health and wellness met, and wine and food culture collided. In the midst of nature, the entrepreneurial participants of the Institute felt the true meaning of learning and living, they sincerely exchanged ideas and pursued health as well as enjoyed life. The pursuit of health was non-stop, and this beneficial tour has already made everyone look forward to the next one.


Note: The original content of this article was taken from the Public Account of the Sichuan Broadcast Institute, "The " Songping Valley Health and Wellness for Entrepreneurs" Summer Study Tour Successfully Held", which has been adapted.

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