Opening Ceremony of the Autumn Training Camp for the Publicity Team Successfully Held

In order to improve the comprehensive quality of the Group's publicity workers and implement the instructions of the Group's leaders on publicity work, in the afternoon of 19 August 2022, under the organisation and guidance of Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, the "2022 Autumn Training Camp Opening Ceremony for the Publicity Team and Lecture on Photography and Video by Wang Xiwei and Zeng Shiyun" organized by the Group's Operation Management Centre was successfully held at Chengdu Homeland Hotel. Publicity workers from the Group and its various divisions and companies participated in the training, and colleagues from other departments also enrolled enthusiastically, showing keen interest and passion in learning.

The opening ceremony was launched by Ms. Wang Hua, General Manager from the Group's Operations Management Centre. Ms. Wang Hua said that this is an era of rapid technological development and information density, with the rapid rise of new media platforms such as WeChat and Tik Tok, and the widespread use of aerial photography, VR and other technical means, publicity work is facing unprecedented challenges, therefore, it is imperative to "master new skills, grow new competencies and grasp new requirements through learning and training. "

Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, attended the meeting and gave important instructions. Dr. Cheng Yifeng said that he and his team have always been looking for suitable opportunities to enhance the ideological awareness of publicity workers and have always been exploring how to better empower the Group's business development through publicity. After careful preparation, Dr. Cheng Yifeng asked the Operations Management Centre to organise this autumn training camp for the publicity team and invited nationally renowned photojournalists to teach in the first session of the course.

Dr Cheng Yifeng acknowledged the publicity work that has been carried out in the past, but also put forward higher demands, saying that publicity workers should be more subjective and positive in their attitude towards creation, and should pour more talent and thought into the creative process. "Our creations should be both tonal and down-to-earth." Dr Cheng Yifeng concluded, "President Chen Bin once said that creators should have 'golden ideas of genius', which requires occasional bursts of inspiration and also long-term accumulation. Think often, experience often and summarise often, and you will have ideas."

After the opening ceremony, Dr. Cheng Yifeng invited Wang Xiwei, Vice Chairman of Sichuan Press Photographers Association, Chairman of Chengdu Press Photographers Association and Director of Visual Centre of Chengdu Daily, and Zeng Shiyun, Master of Imaging from New York University and editor of Chengdu Daily, to give lectures on two parts of photography and videography respectively.

Wang Xiwei showed the participants his past photographs - mostly photojournalistic – of rare Chinese and foreign dignitaries and popular athletes and celebrities. During each photo session, Wang explained his knowledge of photography about what is the "decisive moment" in photojournalism, how to convey emotions through photos, and other "hidden" photography tips.

Zeng Shiyun talked about the basic operation of camera, composition and editing from the simple to the deep, and took the current popular short video as the starting point. Through the display and analysis of several cases, she extracted the key elements to create a popular video, encouraging the students to imitate more and follow the trends, presenting a detailed and vivid "quick start" video class for the participants.

At the end of the training camp, the participants had gained a lot. In the future, the training camp will also provide classes on the ways and means of corporate publicity, keynote positioning and communication channels to enhance the awareness of publicity workers on the creation and operation of all-media platforms, promote the Group's publicity work to a new level and build up momentum for the high-quality development of the Group and its industrial divisions.

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