Li Ningkun, Vice Governor of Xinjin District, Led a Team to the Atlantis Project for Inspection and Research

In the afternoon of August 4, Li Ningkun, Vice Governor of Xinjin District, led a team, together with Wang Huaquan, Director of Xinjin District Commerce and Exhibition and Expo Bureau, and Wen Shaochun, Secretary of Party Committee of Yongshang Town and Director of Xinjin District Lihua Creek Cultural Tourism Zone Management Committee, visited Continental Hope Group and went to the Group's Atlantis Project for inspection and research. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, was present, accompanied by Zeng Xuebiao, General Manager of the Group's Atbositown Paradise Theme Park, Zhang Yao, General Manager of Poseidon Property Company and Jiang Chaona, Sales Director of the Group's Real Estate Division.

Vice Governor Li Ningkun visited Hope Outlets Shopping Park and Atbositown Paradise Theme Park and listened to Dr. Cheng Yifeng's explanation on the overall strategic planning and future development direction of the Atlantis Project. Vice Governor Li Ningkun said that Continental Hope Group's Atlantis Project has good development potential and can make a great contribution to Xinjin's economy. He also made valuable suggestions on the development and direction of the project, saying that the project should start from the whole, increase physical dynamic planning, combine with the project's own advantages, highlight the creation of sports and music elements, dig deeper and integrate from various aspects such as investment, thematic activities and the placement of catering business along the lake to create a "special sports and music" outlet project.

"There is hope in Xinjin, and Hope is in Xinjin." Dr. Cheng Yifeng expressed his gratitude and recognition to Vice Governor Li Ningkun for his high level of support and valuable advice. Dr. Cheng Yifeng said that the Atlantis Project is a massive project with huge advantages in terms of location, regional space, hardware facilities and concept creation, but so far, the project has not yet fully realized its potential and due value. In the next step, the Group is considering focusing on project co-ordination and resource integration, joining forces with various sub-projects such as parks, outlets and real estate to turn Atlantis into a "mega-ship" project encompassing culture, sports, amusement and shopping. In this process, the Group hopes to continue to maintain and strengthen communication with the relevant departments of Xinjin District, to think carefully and plan carefully, to co-ordinate and integrate the Group's advantageous resources, to actively land high-quality projects in Xinjin, and to contribute to a brighter future for Xinjin District.

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