CHG Held a Discussion and Exchange Meeting with Joy City Holdings Group

On April 24, Tao Qi, Deputy General Manager of the Southwest Regional Company of Joy City Holdings of COFCO Group and General Manager of Tianfu Joy City, visited the Group and the two sides had a discussion and exchange on matters such as deepening business cooperation. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, attended the meeting. Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office, He Qitong, General Manager of the Construction General Contracting Division, Zhao Zhenqin, Chief Financial Officer and heads of relevant departments of the Group; Chen Xuguo, Senior Supervisor of Procurement of the Engineering Procurement Department of Joy City Holdings Southwest Regional Company, attended the meeting.

Mr. Tao Qi, Deputy General Manager, introduced the southwest regional company of Joy City Holdings and Tianfu Joy City in terms of business model and project situation. He said that with China's economy moving towards high-quality development, the trend of real estate industry transforming and upgrading to serve people's better life is getting stronger, real estate enterprises are no longer just city developers, but gradually transforming, extending and moving towards "city operation and better life service providers". Continental Hope Group is the benchmark of local private enterprises in Sichuan, and has been working for many years in the fields of electromechanics, architecture and intelligent technology, and has launched a series of excellent products and application scenarios around the high-quality development of the city and the good life of the society, which have won the unanimous recognition of the market and society. The two sides have a lot of room for cooperation, and we very much hope that both sides will enhance communication, fully explore and integrate each other's advantageous resources, so as to achieve joint progress and mutual benefit.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng welcomed the visit of Vice President Tao Qi and his delegation and gave a brief introduction to the development of the Group, the current operation situation and industrial layout. He said that after 40 years of development, Continental Hope Group has become a diversified and comprehensive group focusing on five industries: machinery and electricity, energy and chemical industry, hope culture and tourism, construction general contracting and intelligent technology. At present, synergy and symbiosis have become the mainstream market development trend. In order to grow steadily, enterprises need to expand open cooperation and seek common development with leading enterprises. We hope that both sides will take this opportunity to expand the scope of business cooperation, innovate the mode of cooperation, explore long-term cooperation mechanisms, give full play to the industrial, professional and resource advantages of both sides and implement them into specific projects to achieve a strong combination and complementary advantages, and further promote both sides to become stronger, better and bigger.

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