Hope Intelligent Technology Takes Initiative to Provide Safeguard for Chengdu 2021 FISU World University Games

On April 20, at the special event of Jing Rong Hui - Technology Empowering Chengdu 2021 World University Games jointly held by Chengdu Science and Technology Bureau and Chengdu 2021 World University Games Executive Committee, 37 technology products from 28 enterprises were exchanged and docked with relevant Chengdu 2021 World University Games areas (venues) on site through a symposium + project showcase, involving 4 aspects such as event epidemic prevention, auxiliary training, intelligent services and event emergency, aiming to provide technological support for the holding of Chengdu 2021 World University Games.

The Group's industrial unit, Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd. participated the event. On site, the hi-tech anti-epidemic products developed by the corporation were reported by authoritative media.

China Central Radio and Television International Online

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Sichuan Daily

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According to Sichuan Daily.

Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd. showcased a range of technological epidemic prevention products including intelligent temperature screening systems, intelligent disinfection robots and plasma air disinfectors. "For crowded public places, the intelligent body temperature screening system can achieve sensorless temperature measurement within a range of 2 to 6 metres; the intelligent disinfection robot can super-dry atomise a variety of disinfection solutions to achieve disinfection and sterilisation." The relevant person in charge of the company introduced.

CHG also had a plasma air disinfection machine on display. "This unit is integrated and installed with the central air conditioner which does not occupy indoor public space." The company's director said, "With it, it is equivalent to putting an 'N95 mask' on the central air conditioner, which also has a disinfection function."


Technology Empowers Chengdu 2021 World University Games

Hope Intelligent’s intelligent temperature screening system and intelligent disinfection robot have been put into use at the Universiade Village Medical Centre to protect the World University Games’ epidemic prevention and control work.

At present, the Universiade Medical Centre has an intelligent temperature screening system installed at the entrance. The system uses infrared body temperature measurement algorithms and AI intelligent face recognition and other technologies to enable high-precision, contact-free temperature screening and real-time monitoring of high-traffic crowds to minimise external risks.

In addition, the Universiade Medical Centre has set up intelligent disinfection robots in the public areas, with ultra-dry fogging disinfection with low residue and high safety features. The man-machine separation mode of operation enables the internal health environment to be optimised at all times and external risks to be reduced. When in use, the robot is able to select the best disinfection mode according to the characteristics of the spatial environment and work autonomously according to a set route.

 It is reported that the total area of the medical centre is more than 8,000m2 and the one robot placed is able to work autonomously according to the route that has been set, avoid obstacles automatically and is charged automatically to cover all aspects of the disinfection work in the area.

The Only Way to Win Is to Be Professional

 As a local enterprise in Chengdu that grew up with the Reform and Opening-up, Continental Hope Group has been adhering to the corporate management philosophy of "Excellence without Borders, Hope without Limits", taking the initiative to assume social responsibility, actively fulfilling its corporate role and contributing to the high-quality development of Chengdu city.

The products of Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd. have been put into use in hospitals and transportation hubs such as Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Chengdu Third People's Hospital and Hunan Huanghua Airport, and have been well received by many parties. Now, the company is taking the Chengdu 2021 World University Games as an opportunity to turn its accumulated years of technology products, R&D experience and application scenarios into kinetic energy to contribute to the successful success of the event.

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