Professor Wei Jie, a Renowned Scholar and Economist, President of the Institute of Cultural Economics of Tsinghua University, Visited CHG for a Discussion and Exchange

From 21st to 22nd March, Professor Wei Jie, a famous scholar and economist, President of the Institute of Cultural Economics of Tsinghua University, visited Continental Hope Group for a discussion and exchange. Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President and Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President attended the seminar, accompanied by Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors, Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Investment and Development Corp. Ltd., Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office, and the persons in charge of some other divisions.

During the exchange, Professor Wei Jie visited the Group's Atlantis - Golden Dynasty project. President Chen Bin accompanied the visit and introduced that Atlantis - Golden Dynasty is modelled on Plato's "Ideal State" and is jointly developed by ATKINS (UK), WATG (USA), DAHLIN (USA), FORREC (Canada) and BELT COLLINS (Hong Kong). The project has been awarded the Asia Eco-Habitat Model Project. Surrounded by green hills and with the ancient weir of Tongji running through the city, almost every home is located near the water, making it a perfect place to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and to integrate into the modern city life circle. Professor Wei Jie is welcome to come and visit anytime, go fishing on the boat, take a leisurely stroll and savour life.

Professor Wei Jie thanked President Chen Bin for his warm reception. He expressed his approval and praise for the overall planning, development concept and environment of Atlantis - Golden Dynasty, saying that the project is surrounded by mountains and water, with excellent natural resources, and that it is an ideal place to live in, as it is a pleasure to enjoy the mountains and water.

During the seminar, Professor Wei Jie explained in detail the current economic development and future trends in terms of national policies and international relations. The two sides had in-depth discussions and exchanges on the integrated development of cultural tourism, the future blue ocean market and other perspectives.

President Chen Bin expressed his gratitude to Professor Wei Jie for his wonderful lecture and sharing. As a famous scholar and economist, Professor Wei Jie has presided over and participated in a number of national research topics over the years, and his research results have been highly praised by relevant departments and organisations. Today's explanation of the economic situation is profound and high level, which is very important for the Group's future development direction and strategic investment. We welcome Professor Wei Jie to be a frequent guest of the Group and provide valuable advice and guidance for the Group's development. We hope that all personnel in different divisions will carefully study the information and key points shared by the professor, integrate them into the development of our enterprises and continuously enhance our core competitiveness.

Professor Wei Jie said that Continental Hope Group, which has been operating steadily for 40 years at the pace of China's Reform and Opening-up, is a historical trajectory of private enterprises and a living textbook. Among them, the establishment of culture, business philosophy and strategic planning of Continental Hope Group is a model for private enterprises, and the business philosophy of "excellence without boundaries, hope without limits" has played a great role in making the enterprise bigger and stronger. I hope that we can strengthen our communication and understanding in the future, and look forward to a better future for CHG.

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