Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President Of CHG, Led a Delegation to Visit Xinjin District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Zhongde Group

On March 16, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, led a team to visit Xinjin District Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Zhongde Group to further strengthen the exchange and cooperation between the hospital and enterprises, and work together to promote common development.

In the morning, Vice President Cheng Yifeng led a delegation to visit Xinjin District Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, which was attended by Secretary of Party Committee Zhang Hui, President Cao Dachun, Vice President He Yi and Vice President Zhang Peng. Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his delegation visited the hospital area and the management centre of the medical community. Secretary Zhang Hui introduced in detail the development of intelligent systems such as the medical community management information platform and chronic disease management system built by the hospital.

At the symposium, the two sides carried out in-depth exchanges and discussions on the advantages of both sides, future cooperation mode and development direction of key areas. Secretary Zhang Hui said that Continental Hope Group has strong technical strength and has created excellent application scenarios in the field of elderly services. The hospital has been adhering to the pattern of diversified medical operation and is committed to providing patients with refined and personalized services. We hope to take this opportunity to open the prelude of "hospital-enterprise cooperation" with Continental Hope Group, and through interconnection and mutual assistance, promote each other's progress, integrate the hospital's characteristic advantages and the Group's high-tech technology, and jointly enhance the space and ability to serve the public.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng said that Xinjin Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has always taken "giving full play to the characteristics and advantages of Chinese medicine and improving the clinical efficacy of Chinese medicine" as the core of its development and has continuously improved the level of wisdom and science in treatment and care services. Continental Hope Group has been working in the field of health technology for many years and has a wealth of health technology products and a wide range of application scenarios, which can effectively improve the comprehensive service capacity of hospitals. This visit is a new starting point for strengthening hospital-enterprise cooperation. In the next step, we hope that both sides can give full play to their respective strengths, share resources, work together, and enjoy mutual benefits, so as to better provide high-quality integrated healthcare services to the public.

After the meeting, Vice President Cheng Yifeng led a delegation to visit Zhongde Group, which was attended by President Cheng Jie and others. Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his party visited the Zhongde Group's Museum of Doors And Windows and learned in detail about the relevant product performance and technical features.

During the visit, President Cheng Jie introduced in detail the production and operation status of the enterprise, the latest achievements in science and technology innovation, etc. He said that Continental Hope Group has strong strength and powerful brand influence and has launched excellent cultural and tourism real estate projects such as Atlantis Golden Dynasty and Hainan Mumianhu Lake International Health Tourism Resort and Kiziwan Binhai International Tourism Resort. Its Sichuan Hope Huaxi Construction Engineering General Contracting Corp., Ltd. constructed the office building of the Ministry of Justice and Central Bank of Georgia, which became the first housing construction general contracting project of the Chinese construction industry in Georgia. Zhongde Group has four pillar industries: plastic steel profiles, plastic pipes, aluminium profiles, and automotive lightweight components, of which "Zhongde Profiles", "Zhongde Pipes" and "Zhongde Aluminium" have been awarded "Zhongde Profile" by China Real Estate Association for three consecutive years. The company has been awarded as one of the top 10 "Top 500 Chinese Real Estate Suppliers" by China Real Estate Association for three consecutive years. There is huge room for cooperation between the two sides, and we hope that both sides will strengthen communication, establish long-term and stable cooperation, and create a series of benchmark projects in the industry.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng expressed his gratitude to Zhongde Group for its warm reception. He said that Zhongde Group is a high-tech enterprise and a national "small giant" enterprise with culture, characteristics and technology, and its development momentum is strong and its products are well known nationwide. Continental Hope Group has many excellent application scenarios, and we look forward to strengthening communication, enhancing understanding, and establishing a win-win cooperation pattern between the two sides. Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors of CHG, Wang Wenjia, General Manager of Investment and Development Corp., Ltd, Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office, and the relevant personS in charge of Continental Hope Intelligent Technology Development Corp., Ltd accompanied.


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