Deepening Cooperation between Local Enterprises and Promoting Industrial Development Continental Hope Group and Pujiang County to Carry Out Negotiations and Exchanges

On March 10, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of Continental Hope Group, led a delegation to Pujiang County to carry out inspection and exchange, and the two parties had in-depth exchanges on deepening cooperation between local enterprises and promoting industrial development. Mr. Jiang Lichun, Deputy Secretary of Pujiang County Party Committee, Mr. Gan Rui, Standing Committee Member of the County Party Committee and Deputy County Governor, Mr. Wang Xuan, Deputy County Governor and Public Security Director of the County Government, Mr. Li Guangqi, Secretary of the Party Group and Prosecutor General of the County Procuratorate, Mr. Li Jian, Deputy County Leader and persons in charge of relevant departments participated. Li Zhaohui, Secretary to the Board of Directors of the Group, Wang Wenjia, General Manager of the Group's Investment and Development Corp., Ltd., Zhang Min, Director of the President's Office of the Group and relevant persons in charge of the Group's Real Estate Division and Hope Intelligent Technology accompanied.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his delegation inspected the Miaoyin Lake area, the start-up area of the Tian Yuan Ecological Business District and other places to gain an in-depth understanding of the ecological situation, the construction and the surrounding supporting facilities.

At the seminar, Gan Rui welcomed Dr. Cheng Yifeng and his delegation. She introduced the advantages of Pujiang County in terms of ecology, population and consumption in an all-round way, showing the future development plans and expectations of Pujiang Tian Yuan Ecological Business District and other areas. She said that CHG, as a mainstay of private enterprises, has made great contributions to the high-quality development of the regional economy and society by laying out cultural and tourism real estate projects in Sichuan and Hainan with visible results. Pujiang is located at the intersection of Chengdu, Meishan and Ya'an, and is part of Chengdu's "half-hour economic circle", with good ecology and developed transportation, which is compatible with CHG's development concept of cultural tourism industry. We very much welcome CHG to invest in Pujiang and promote its industrial development.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng thanked Pujiang County for its warm reception. He said that Pujiang is the first batch of national ecological civilization demonstration counties in China and the first in the province, with rich products and pleasant climate. In recent years, with the implementation of the national strategies of "One Belt, One Road" and "Yangtze River Economic Belt", the good ecological environment combined with the complete transportation system has promoted Pujiang's good and fast development. Recently, the State Council of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China issued the " Advice on Strengthening the Work of the Elderly in the New Era", which puts forward requirements for strengthening elderly services and innovating home care models. The Group has long responded positively to the requirements of the national policy, and has taken the initiative to continue exploring in the big health industry, especially in the innovative elderly care model, and has made every effort to promote the integration of the cultural tourism industry and ecological recreation and development. The Group chose to visit Pujiang because of its high quality natural ecological environment and the richness of its products in all seasons. We hope to strengthen communication with Pujiang County and establish a long-term cooperation relationship. The Group will plan carefully, research carefully, integrate the Group's advantageous resources, seek cooperation opportunities with Pujiang County, actively land high-quality projects, and help Pujiang County develop with high quality.

Deputy Secretary Jiang Lichun said that CHG has been cultivating in the field of cultural tourism and health technology industry for many years and has strong technological strength and high-quality application scenarios. Pujiang is rich in cultural tourism resources and has a good industrial foundation, and there is great room for cooperation between the two parties in cultural tourism and ecological recreation. We look forward to a series of fruitful cooperation in various fields in the future. Pujiang County will also provide quality government services and business environment for the enterprise, effectively provide good services for the enterprise, and actively support the project construction and enterprise development.

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