CHG and Chengdu No.8 People’s Hospital of Chengdu Held a Discussion and Exchange

On March 8, Hu Xianliang, President of Chengdu No.8 People’s Hospital, led a team to the Group for a discussion and exchange, with Vice President Song Weizheng and other participants. Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, Heidy Liu, Executive Vice President and Vice President Dr. Cheng Yifeng of CHG attended, accompanied by General Manager Wang Wenjia of the Group's Investment and Development Company Limited and relevant personnel of Hope Intelligent Technology.

At the seminar, Vice President Cheng Yifeng said that the love ward built by both parties has been put into use for nearly half a year, bringing stable, safe, convenient and comfortable services to elderly patients, and has been well received by the hospital, medical and nursing staff, patients and people from all walks of life. We are very grateful to Chengdu No.8 People’s Hospital for its high recognition and strong support to the Group. In the future, the Group will continue to superimpose more high-tech equipment in conjunction with the actual situation of the care ward, and work with the hospital to explore a new model of medical and nursing care integration, creating a model in the industry, so that quality elderly services can benefit more elderly people.

President Hu Xianliang thanked the group for the warm reception. He said that Chengdu No.8 People’s Hospital has been constantly taking the pulse of the needs of the ageing society, strengthening external exchanges and cooperation, and making every effort to explore new models of medical and health care integration. This is not only a long-term cooperation between the two parties, but also a sample of hospital-enterprise cooperation in the field of big health industry. The praise from all walks of life is due to the profound technology and outstanding team of Continental Hope Group over the past 40 years, as well as the Group's pursuit of "excellence without borders and hope without bounds". We hope that the two parties can continue to deepen their cooperation, develop and innovate in elderly care services, and make every effort to help the children of the world to fulfill their filial piety, to help the elderly in the world to solve their problems, and to share the worries of the Party and the government.

President Chen Bin warmly welcomed President Hu Xianliang and his delegation to the Group. He said that Continental Hope Group has been actively responding to the requirements of national policies and fulfilling its social responsibilities for many years and has launched a series of intelligent solutions for the elderly with its own technology and experience accumulated over the years. As a research sub-centre of the National Clinical Medical Research Centre for Geriatric Diseases on the integration of medical and nursing care, a training base for geriatric medical care of the Chinese Geriatrics Society and a doctoral research base of the West China Centre for Geriatrics, Chengdu No.8 People’s Hospital has accumulated a lot of experience and talents in the work of integrating medical and nursing care for the elderly. The talent, experience, equipment, and technology are the backbone of the successful implementation of the Care Ward, which has been praised by many parties. This is the first step that both sides have taken together, and there is still much room for cooperation. In the future, we expect both sides to build on the foundation of the Love Ward and develop multi-dimensional and multi-faceted cooperation in health management, smart ageing and rehabilitation care, so that the elderly can enjoy the care and services of smart ageing.

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