Li Ningkun, Vice Governor of Xinjin District, Led a Team to CHG for Inspection and Research

On March 7, Li Ningkun, Vice Governor of Xinjin District, led a team to CHG for inspection and research. Mr. Huang Cheng, General Manager of Xincheng Development CHG, Mr. Han Xiao, Director of Investment Promotion Department of Tianfu Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park Management Committee, and Mr. Chen Jingbo, Deputy Director of District Market Supervision Bureau attended. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, Li Zhaohui, Secretary of the Board of Directors, He Jianbo, General Manager of CHG's electromechanical division and General Manager of the Hope Intelligent Technology Division were present, accompanied by Zhang Min, Director of CHG's President's Office, Lv Ruoling, Deputy General Manager of the Public Affairs Center and the person in charge of the relevant departments of Hope Intelligent Technology.

Vice Mayor Li Ningkun visited CHG's Image Display Centre, learned about the basic situation, development history and goals of CHG, and focused on CHG's green environment intelligent management cloud platform system and intelligent recreation and nursing solutions. Vice Mayor Li Ningkun spoke highly of the intelligent nursing beds and other intelligent recreation equipment. He said that CHG had launched many excellent intelligent recreation equipment and the application scenario jointly created with the Eighth People's Hospital of Chengdu City had set a benchmark in the field of intelligent elderly care and provided a solution to the urgent problems in the field of elderly care in the future, which was greatly admired.

At the seminar, Vice President Cheng Yifeng warmly welcomed Vice Mayor Li Ningkun and his delegation to visit CHG for research. He said that Xinjin has deep roots with CHG and is a blessed place for CHG. From here, CHG started its business and went nationwide and worldwide. At present, Xinjin is moving towards the development goal of "New Center of South China, Innovation Park City" with a steady pace, which is not only an opportunity for regional development, but also a good opportunity for enterprises to grow by leveraging their strength. After 40 years, CHG has a long journey and a starry sea ahead of it and will always try its best to provide the best quality products and services to customers and the market with innovative dreams, a sincere attitude and the belief that "excellence is boundless and hope is infinite". We hope to strengthen the communication with the relevant departments of Xinjin District in the future, to think carefully and plan carefully, to coordinate and integrate CHG's advantageous resources, to actively land high-quality projects in Xinjin, and to help Xinjin District have a better future.

Vice Mayor Li Ningkun said that there is hope in Xinjin and Hope in Xinjin. CHG is a representative of Xinjin's local enterprises, which has laid out cultural tourism real estate and industrial parks in Xinjin, driving related industries to flourish and making great contributions to the high-quality development of Xinjin's economy and society. In recent years, Xinjin has been promoting transformation by industrial interconnection, focusing on intelligent technology to build a strong chain, and promoting traditional industry to a new stage of system reshaping, value reconstruction, power change and paradigm migration. Xinjin will actively do a good job of service work, support with project landing and enterprise development, and continue to provide a good environment for enterprise development.

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