On 12 February, the President of Russian Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Zeng Aiguo, Vice President, Mr. Han Xiaomei and Office Director, Mr. Li Li, visited CHG for an exchange visit, which was attended by the Group's President, Dr. Chen Bin and Vice President, Dr. Cheng Yifeng. Accompanied by He Jianbo, General Manager of Electromechanical Division and General Manager of Intelligent Technology Division, Tao Li, Deputy General Manager of Hope Intelligent Technology Development Co., Ltd. and General Manager of R&D Center, Zhou Gonghua, Deputy Director of Marketing Center, and Xiong Ziping, Chief Engineer of Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

President Zeng Aiguo and his entourage visited the Group's image display centre and learned about the basic situation, development planning and goals of the Group, focusing on the Group's green environment intelligent management cloud platform system and intelligent recreation solutions, and he spoke highly of the intelligent temperature screening system, intelligent disinfection service robot and other intelligent epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic equipment.

During the meeting, the two sides introduced the latest technological achievements of CHG's mechanical and electrical and intelligent technology industries and the development of the Russian Sichuan Chamber of Commerce respectively. The two sides discussed and exchanged views on how to integrate existing technologies and products for promotion and application in Russia in the context of the current Sino-Russian relations.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng said that in the face of the repeated ups and downs of the global epidemic and the sluggish economic recovery, China-Russia economic and trade cooperation has bucked the trend, with bilateral trade volume reaching a new record high and practical cooperation in various fields going deeper and deeper. In the past two years, the Russian city is undergoing a comprehensive transformation, which is also an opportunity for the Group to go out and play to its strengths. The Group's electromechanical products have been sold to more than 30 countries (regions) such as Singapore, Italy, Denmark, India, Brazil and Indonesia. Smart Technology Division's series of solutions for precise epidemic prevention have achieved good results in application scenarios such as Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital, Tianfu International Airport and Chengdu Eighth People's Hospital. We hope that both sides will adhere to long-termism, work closely together, research carefully and plan thoroughly to jointly create a series of industry benchmark projects and form a good win-win cooperation pattern.

President Zeng Aiguo fully affirmed the Group's strategic pace of steady development and its dedication to independent research and development. He said that CHG, as an exemplary private enterprise in China, has accumulated a large number of excellent technologies and achievements, which is greatly admired. The Russian Sichuan Chamber of Commerce will continue to broaden the horizons of openness for outstanding local enterprises, build bridges and promote exchanges and cooperation between Chinese and Russian enterprises. At present, the Group's advantages and achievements are very compatible with the domestic needs of Russia, and there is great room for cooperation between the two sides. We hope that the two sides can establish a long-term communication mechanism and close cooperation to create value and talk about the good together.

President Chen Bin welcomed President Zeng Aiguo and his delegation to the Group for an exchange visit. He said that China-Russia relations are now entering a new era, not only consolidating and expanding cooperation in traditional areas, but also actively exploring new highlights and developing cooperation in emerging areas. As a national enterprise that grew up with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the Group has been deeply involved in the field of machinery, electricity and intelligent technology for many years and is very willing to make use of its own advantages to further strengthen exchanges with outstanding Russian enterprises and industry associations. The Russian Sichuan Chamber of Commerce, as an overseas working network for the development of export-oriented economy in Sichuan, has great potential for cooperation between the two sides. We hope to strengthen exchanges, enhance understanding, complement each other's strengths, and seek new development together.