From 25 to 29 January, the CHG 2022 Annual Management Meeting was successfully held at Chengdu Homeland Hotel. The meeting included a presentation on the business summary of the CHG's industrial units in 2021 and the business plan for 2022, a presentation on the style of the CHG's industrial units, the annual appointment of the CHG's senior management, the CHG's concluding meeting, the award presentation ceremony of the 19th "CS Cup", as well as the annual welcome dinner and Chinese New Year party.


In 2021, the CHG always adhered to the general keynote of high-quality development, and adhered to the business philosophy of "Excellence Beyond Boarder" with one mind. The company has established a diversified, scientific and efficient synergy mechanism in the fields of energy saving and transmission control, new energy, HVAC, general contracting, energy and chemical industry, cultural and tourism real estate, intelligent technology, etc., and built a new pattern of high-quality development. 

Hope Slanvert, the CHG's industrial unit, was selected as a "small giant" enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China; Deepblue Air Conditioning launched the world's largest single lithium bromide heat pump, once again setting a new world record. The energy and chemical sector is sticking to its main business and seeking breakthroughs, constantly optimising the green circular economy industry chain, combining the ancient Shuqiang civilisation with natural scenery, leisure and holiday, and modern fashion and jewellery art. Newly launched "Market on the Clouds" - Diexi Gem Town, which will drive the development of surrounding cultural tourism industry projects and help revitalise the countryside in ethnic minority areas. The Real Estate Division actively promoted the construction of the project, focusing on building a high-quality intelligent manufacturing industrial park, "Hope Cloud Smart Valley", which was included in the key construction projects in Chengdu; The Hotel and Tourism Division overcame the difficulties of the epidemic and won market acclaim for its high quality services; the Construction General Contractor optimised its management model and actively explored the market, achieving a series of good results; The solution of precise prevention and control system of intelligent technology division won the second prize of science and technology of China Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Industrialisation, which is widely used in airports, hotels, hospitals, etc.; the export of electromechanical and chemical products of overseas division and the products of Hope "Smart" did not stop because of the epidemic, and formed a strategic partnership with Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore in the field of intelligent technology ...... The development and achievements of the CHG's related industries have created significant economic and social value for the country and the local community, receiving attention from the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, China Daily and other central mainstream media, as well as unanimous recognition from the market and the community.

At the CHG's concluding meeting, Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, gave a summary of the Group's operation work in 2021, reviewing the work and performance of CHG's operation divisions in the previous year and making important arrangements for the work in 2022. He said that all staff of CHG should adhere to the goal of "high-quality development", carry forward the "striver culture" of the people of Hope, strive for excellence, build a vital, fighting, passionate and enterprising elite team, and make greater contributions to the high-quality development of CHG's industries.

Mr. Liu Yongyan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Hope Group, Chairman of CHG and Chief Scientist of CHG, shared his life insights - "Looking at the Stars”. His broad-mindedness infected everyone present: "The mountains are silent, the snowy peaks reflect the clouds in their golden glory, the cold stars laugh with the Milky Way, and the moon climbs into the treetops."

High Morale, Unlimited Hope

At the annual meeting, the general managers of CHG's Mechanical & Electrical Division, Transmission & Control Division, Air Conditioning Division, Construction Contracting Division, Hope Culture and Tourism Hotel & Tourism Division, Hope Culture and Tourism Real Estate Division, Intelligent Technology Division, Energy & Chemicals Division and Overseas Division, respectively, made a wonderful "style show" on stage.

Over the past forty years, CHG has nurtured a number of elite teams and outstanding talents, who have kept their feet on the ground, taken their dreams as their horses, defied hardships and dared to work hard to achieve the best, excellent and outstanding work, creating HOPE today.

A star-studded celebration of Meihao

In the afternoon of 29 January, CHG's elite team and outstanding representatives gathered at Homeland Hotel to share the award ceremony of CHG's annual management work conference. During the annual meeting, themed activities and trainings such as "A Gathering of Talents and Discussing Hope - CEO Forum of the 2022 Annual Meeting", "Hundreds of Forged Steel and Overcoming Toughness" were also held.

In the "2022 Annual CEO Forum", chaired by Dr. Chen Bin, President of CHG, with the CEOs of various industrial sectors as guests, the management of various industrial sectors of CHG shared their successful experiences and cases in the areas of business objectives and risk control, meticulous management, service quality management, project construction and quality management, construction organisation and management of general contracting, overseas research and development of intelligent technology projects and international exchange and cooperation. This is both a training and sharing of management and a feast of ideas. The gene of hope is rooted in such an elite culture and the spirit of the strivers, refined in the years, precipitated in the times, transformed in the competition, and finally achieving excellence.

In the presentation of the speeches and style of the Hope Elites with the theme of the annual meeting "Smelting Steel, Overcoming Toughness", elites from various industrial sectors such as Hotel Tourism Division, Air Conditioning Division, Transmission Control Division, Energy and Chemical Industry shared the pursuit of HOPE on the spot. The "passion-burning years" in which the dreamer and the enterprise grow and progress together.

All hands on deck for the future!

In 2022, CHG advocates all staff to adhere to the "strivers' culture" of HOPE, continue to adhere to long-termism, believe in a bright future, adhere to ecological fundamentals and core values in the midst of changes, maintain strategic determination and operational excellence, expand, strengthen and refine projects, grasp and strengthen industries, and write a new chapter of high-quality development for CHG.

The transmission and control division of the mechanical and electrical sector will focus on the development direction of "specialization and special newness", accelerate independent innovation and technological research, improve the level of intelligent manufacturing, and strive to become a pillar enterprise in the industry.

The air-conditioning division of the mechanical and electrical sector will focus on the "double carbon" target, continue to optimize product technology, continuously enrich the product structure, cultivate fist characteristic products, further expand production capacity and steadily improve business performance.

The energy and chemical sector will strengthen its aggregation, accelerate the development of the green recycling economy industrial ecosystem, continue to play the linkage advantages of cultural tourism, resort hotels and natural scenic spots, develop the ecological tourism industry chain, continuously innovate the marketing model, enhance the brand image of Diexi Gem Town and create a new economic growth pole for the sector.

The hotel and tourism division of the Hope Culture and Tourism division will focus on customer needs, actively expand tourism and hotel product lines and channels, optimise hotel wedding brands, create personalised services, and enhance the visibility and reputation of hotels, parks and cultural and tourism projects.

The Real Estate Division of the Hope Culture and Tourism division will explore new modes of operation and management, strengthen product quality and customer service experience, and enhance the brand influence and market appeal of its projects against the backdrop of real estate policies and controls.

The construction general contracting division will actively explore the market, enhance the management capability, strengthen the talent team reserve, strictly control the quality and safety of the projects, and build assured projects for the society.

The Smart Technology division will be driven by high technology, bringing into play the power of technology and comprehensively laying out the four tracks of Smart Health, Smart Farming, Smart Manufacturing and Smart Living to provide customers with quality smart technology products and services.

The overseas division will take advantage of its international location to lay out and establish stable international research and development centres and international marketing networks, expand the scale of the international market and brand influence, and strengthen CHG's international cooperation in the field of intelligent technology.

The old year has already exhibited thousands of brocades, and the new year will make a hundred feet. Let's stick to our original intention, adhere to the spirit of strivers, excel and work hard, work with one heart, unite and collaborate, make steel, cut through thorns and briers, strive for the best, and run hard to write a new chapter of CHG's high-quality development and create a better tomorrow together!