The sun and the moon are in full swing, and the time is new. As the hands of the years point to a new scale, we are about to bid farewell to the Year of the Ox and enter the Year of the Tiger, which is full of vitality. On this beautiful occasion of welcoming the new year and family reunion, CHG would like to extend our Chinese New Year greetings and good wishes to all staff and their families, and to all those who care about and support the development of the Group from all walks of life!

Time flies and the years pass by. In the upcoming Lunar Year of the Ox, the Group has always adhered to the general keynote of high-quality development, maintained its determination and focused on development, and painted a beautiful picture with wisdom and sweat.

Hope Slanvert, the Group's industrial unit, was selected as a "small giant" enterprise by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China; Deepblue Air Conditioning launched the world's largest single lithium bromide heat pump, once again setting a new world record. The energy and chemical sector is sticking to its main business and seeking breakthroughs, constantly optimising the green circular economy industry chain, combining the ancient Shuqiang civilisation with natural scenery, leisure and holiday, and modern fashion and jewellery art. Newly launched "Market on the Clouds" - Diexi Gem Town, which will drive the development of surrounding cultural tourism industry projects and help revitalise the countryside in ethnic minority areas. The Real Estate Division actively promoted the construction of the project, focusing on building a high-quality intelligent manufacturing industrial park, "Hope Cloud Smart Valley", which was included in the key construction projects in Chengdu; The Hotel and Tourism Division overcame the difficulties of the epidemic and won market acclaim for its high quality services; the Construction General Contractor optimised its management model and actively explored the market, achieving a series of good results; The solution of precise prevention and control system of intelligent technology segment won the second prize of science and technology of China Association for the Promotion of Science and Technology Industrialisation, which is widely used in airports, hotels, hospitals, etc.; the export of electromechanical and chemical products of overseas division and the products of Hope "Smart" did not stop because of the epidemic, and formed a strategic partnership with Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore in the field of intelligent technology ...... The development and achievements of the Group's related industries have created significant economic and social value for the country and the local community, receiving attention from the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China News Agency, China Daily and other central mainstream media, as well as unanimous recognition from the market and the community.

CHG is now in its 40th year and has grown from a seed to a huge tree, and the speed of its development from quantitative to qualitative change, from addition to multiplication, is a source of great joy and emotion. We have experienced the urgency of "the wind rolls the red flag across the gate", we have also felt the pain of "the long wind will break the waves, hang the clouds and sail the ocean", we have had the melancholy of "stopping the cup and throwing the chopsticks, not being able to eat, pulling out the sword and looking around," and we are more determined to "a thousand trials and tribulations are still strong, let the north and south wind!" During the long journey, a number of ordinary but excellent "people of hope" have emerged, they are the strugglers who cut through the thorns, are the steadfast peers, and are the dreamers who are full of vigour. Under the leadership of the Group's Board of Directors and the company's management team, they have been persistent and meticulous in their efforts to achieve the ultimate excellence in every small matter and to drive the continuous growth of the company.

The Year of the Ox is already in full bloom, and the Year of the Tiger is just around the corner. In the new year, we will continue to adhere to long-termism, believe in the good development of the future, adhere to the business philosophy of "excellence beyond border " in the changing situation, make bigger, stronger and more sophisticated projects, and grasp the accuracy and solidity of the industry. We are actively fulfilling our corporate role, devoting ourselves to public welfare, actively serving national development strategies, deeply integrating into grassroots social governance, enthusiastically participating in the rural revitalisation strategy, and earnestly fulfilling the historical mission of enterprises in the new era.

The wind is blowing strong on the journey, and we are riding the waves to continue a new chapter. Let's be vigorous, do our best, strive for the best, run hard, think, break through, create and continue to write a new chapter of the Group's high-quality development, and welcome a better tomorrow for CHG with even better results!

May our great country prosper and grow strong!

Wishing the Group a better tomorrow!

We wish all our staff and families a happy and prosperous New Year and a prosperous Year of the Tiger!