The autumn light was gorgeous and the golden breeze was cool. The trade union of the Group organised an autumn tour for all staff to Songping Valley Scenic Area and Diexi Gem Town from October to November, which further strengthened the communication among all cadres and staff of the Group, established the team spirit and overall awareness of mutual cooperation and collaboration, enhanced team cohesion and stimulated the enthusiasm and passion of everyone at work.

On 15 October, the Group's head office organs, Hope Deepblue, Hope Koru-IT, Huaxi General Contracting and Deepblue Network sub-unions took part in the first autumn excursions. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Qin Manzhen, Chairman of the Trade Union of the Group, and He Jianbo, General Manager of the Mechanical and Electrical sector, Cheng Wenzhao, General Manager of the Energy and Chemical segment, He Qitong, General Manager of the Turnkey sector and other leaders attended. Before the event began, Vice President Cheng Yifeng delivered an enthusiastic speech, saying: "Things are made in harmony, strength is born in unity. We hope that everyone will help each other, support each other, travel happily and return safely.

Diexi-Songping Valley Scenic Area is a 4A scenic area that CHG has carefully created. In autumn, the red leaves are like fire, and the forests are as colourful as a painter's palette, making people dazzled. Everyone was able to enjoy the beauty of nature and the relaxation of the trip as they wandered through the beautiful scenery of the Songping Valley, looking up at the heights and enjoying the autumn scenery.

The Hope Deepblue branch union also organised a group building activity called "Climbing on the Peak and Climbing on the Clouds", in which the teams cooperated and competed with each other, gaining a deep understanding of the true meaning that only when teams are in the same boat can they travel steadily and far.

 After a tour of the Songping Valley's "Three Valleys, Nine Seas and Fourteen Views", the group went to the Group's elaborate "market on the clouds" in the Jamsilong town, where they visited the Shuqiang cultural buildings, Diexi Gem Town and experienced the art of gemstones at the Gemstone Culture and Art Centre. The group visited the Shuqiang cultural buildings, the Diexi Gem Town and the Gemstone Culture and Art Centre to experience the charm of gemstones.

 That night, a bonfire party combining Qiang culture and modern fashion kicked off at Treasure in the Clouds Home Resort Hotel. The unique opening ceremony, solo singing, duet singing, chorus, dancing, and playing and singing of musical instruments, the performances are wonderful. Everyone gathered around the bonfire, drinking wine, and tasting roasted whole lamb, with constant laughter and constant applause. In the end, the Guozhuang Dance, which all members participated in, pushed the atmosphere of the party to a climax.

The autumn excursion not only showed the vigorous spirit and striving spirit of the group, but also strengthened the horizontal communication among various segments and departments, and enhanced the centripetal force and cohesion of the team. We all expressed that we should apply the hardworking spirit inspired by the group building to our actual work, strive to be the front-runner in striving for excellence, and contribute to the high-quality development of the Group based on our posts with one pace and one mind. As the Group's high-quality development picks up speed again and more and more talented people join CHG, the Group's trade unions will proactively care for and pamper the staff. In the future, the Group's trade union will continue to take the staff's demand for a better life as the goal, continuously broaden the service areas and innovate the working methods, so as to effectively make everyone feel the warmth of the Group and the trade union, and help push the Group's development to a new level.


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