The Ninth Day of the Chrysanthemum Festival, Strong Respect for the Elderly

On 14 September, Dr Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, led a delegation to Chengdu 8th People's Hospital to participate in the 8th "Care for the Elderly - Warmth for the Sunset" Chung Yeung Festival volunteer service activity. Li Zhong, a member of the Party Group and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Chengdu Medical Security Bureau, Zhang Feng, a first-level investigator of the Chengdu Health Commission, Xu Jie, director of the Chengdu Family Planning Security Center, and other leaders, as well as representatives of the 8th Volunteer Alliance and previous representatives, Chengdu 8th People's Hospital leadership team, all employees, and inpatients participated.

CHG officially joined Chengdu 8th People’s Hospital Volunteer Service Alliance

At the event, Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd. under the group, Hope Koru-IT Intelligent Technology Corp., Ltd., and Chengdu Hope Silkjoy Textile Technology Corp., Ltd. formally joined Chengdu 8th People's Hospital as volunteers Service Alliance.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng spoke as a representative of the caring enterprises. He said that the "Care for the Elderly - Warmth for the Sunset" volunteer service alliance initiated by Chengdu 8th People's Hospital has gradually built up a strong volunteer service team for the elderly after years of careful operation. It has also organised a variety of volunteering activities, which have been well received by the community. As a national enterprise growing up with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, CHG always focuses on the concerns of the people's livelihood and takes up its social responsibility and corporate responsibility with practical actions.

Official opening of the "CHG-Caring Ward"

At the event, the "CHG - Love Ward" was officially unveiled. The health technology products in the Love Ward, such as smart nursing beds, smart nursing platform, smart wearable and health management system, smart air purification and disinfection system, antiviral and antibacterial series of textiles, condense the technical advantages of the Group's five high-tech companies at home and abroad to accelerate the in-depth integration of "smart technology" and "precise guarding for the elderly", and help the high-quality development of "smart healthcare" services. It will accelerate the in-depth integration of "smart technology" and "precise guardianship for the elderly" and help the high-quality development of "smart medical and healthcare" services.

In the future, the Group's cooperation with Chengdu 8th People's Hospital will focus on three areas. Firstly, we will jointly develop a series of health technology products for the elderly to help families in society. The second is to "relieve the difficulties of the elderly in the world" by jointly developing a smart recreation system to enable the elderly to receive timely health guidance and medical assistance in different scenarios, such as hospitals, communities and homes, so that they can enjoy a healthy, independent and dignified life in their old age. Thirdly, we will "share the worries of the Party and the government", jointly create high-tech application scenarios for medical and health care for the elderly, help optimise and upgrade the traditional elderly care model, and contribute to the creation of a medical and health care demonstration province in Sichuan Province and a national model elderly-friendly community in Chengdu.

At the same time, the staff of Hope Koru-IT, Hope Health and Hope Silkjoy brought wonderful cultural performances and thoughtful and meticulous volunteer services to the elderly residents.

Group staff participating in volunteering activities

Cultural Performances

Participaing in Volunteer Service