Four key points to unravel the growth of Hope Slanvert's "Specialized and New" Small Giant Enterprise

On 19 July, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) announced the third batch of Specialized and New "Small Giant" enterprises on its website.

It is said that Specialised and New SMEs are SMEs with specialisation, refinement, special features and outstanding innovation capabilities, and the "Little Giants" are the best of them. They tend to focus on niche markets and are the leading enterprises with strong innovation capabilities, high market share, mastery of key core technologies and excellent quality and efficiency.

As a national high-tech enterprise in the field of energy saving and environmental protection, new energy, transmission control and intelligent equipment in China, Hope Slanvert adheres to the business philosophy of "Excellence without boundaries, Hope without limits", and takes the enhancement of the enterprise's innovation ability as the main focus, constantly increasing independent research and development investment, improving the technological innovation system, resulting in high-quality products and services. Hope Slanvert products are not only sold nationwide, but also to more than 30 countries (regions) such as Singapore, Italy, Denmark, India, Brazil and Indonesia.

How has Hope Slanvert grown from a seed to a tree over the past 20 years?

Key point 1: Focus on one thing

Hope Slanvert is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in transmission and control technology research in China, and has been adhering to the "craftsman spirit", concentrating on one thing, focusing on the application of products in transmission and control, high-end energy, intelligent equipment clusters, dedicated to the research and development of high-performance vector control technology and system solutions and innovation. It has developed into one of the largest R&D and manufacturing bases for energy saving and environmental protection, transmission control and new energy in China, and is one of the first companies in the electrical automation industry to be awarded the "China Famous Brand" and "China Well-known Trademark". Through the integration of advanced manufacturing technology, Hope Slanvert has launched HOPE, VFPS and IV generation SBH series products, which are the first in China to adopt the Eco-design concept and have become the first choice to replace imported products, breaking the monopoly of imported brands in the fields of high-end equipment, intelligent ecology and multi-drive control. At the same time, Hope Slanvert actively participated in the development of the first standard led by China in the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) in the field of speed control electrical transmission, helping the "One Belt, One Road" initiative.

Key point 2: Technology-enabled services awaken development potential

The current international environment is becoming increasingly complex, and technological and industrial competition is becoming more intense. In order to stand out in the competition, enterprises must be based on the present and layout the future, take customer needs as the guide, enrich and improve service functions and product systems, promote innovation and transformation, and facilitate business development. Based on a large user base and a private cloud platform, Hope Slanvert has gradually improved its integrated energy service platform, providing remote technical support, product lifecycle management, comprehensive maintenance services and system solutions for users, and continuing to accelerate the process of digital industrialisation. Over the years, Hope Slanvert has laid out the market for integrated energy services in the industrial automation industry and established the first energy saving service company in China with the aim of "all-brand, all-life service", which has quickly gained a foothold in the market.

Key point 3: Uniting the forces of progress across all sectors

Hope Group is a benchmark enterprise among Chinese private enterprises, Hope Slanvert, as one of them, always keeps its social responsibility in mind and takes the initiative to increase all-round cooperation with other outstanding enterprises, especially the leading enterprises in the industrial chain, upstream and downstream of the supply chain and Specialized and New "invisible champions The company has been working with other outstanding companies, especially those in the industry chain, supply chain and upstream, and Specialised and New "hidden champions", to unite the industry's strength and influence. Hope Slanvert organises outstanding enterprises in the region to serve as mutual competence centres, reach strategic cooperation and gradually set up industrial alliances to complement each other's strengths and empower each other to actively promote industrial development, technological innovation and the overall improvement of product quality, as well as to provide reference for the government to formulate industrial policies and achieve high-quality development of industrial clusters.

Key point 4: Strengthening the chain to enhance the resilience of the industry

As an industrial enterprise driven by innovation and research and development, Hope Slanvert firmly believes that it is important to be prepared for danger and to make continuous breakthroughs in order to be stable and far-reaching. Relying on Hope Group's industrial cluster advantages, Hope Slanvert has built projects in Pidu District and Xinjin District, such as the China-Europe Hope Smart Valley Industrial Park and the New Materials Innovation Eco Valley, attracting upstream and downstream supporting industries, especially high-end industries such as semiconductors, chips and cloud services, to give full play to manufacturing advantages, market advantages, scale advantages, talent advantages and supporting advantages, promoting industrial. It will give full play to its manufacturing advantages, market advantages, scale advantages, talent advantages and supporting advantages, promote industrial upgrading and technological upgrading, and help the high-quality and sustainable development of the manufacturing industry.

Slanvert Technology has shown that perseverance in a particular field can turn a fledgling company into a national Specialised and New "Little Giant" enterprise. Being selected as a "national team" not only means a deeper aura, but also the historical mission given by the country. In the future, Hope Slanvert will continue to build on its ecological base, amplify its development advantages, optimise industrial upgrading, promote the transformation of quality scientific and technological achievements into the ground, strive to be a force for solving the "neck" problem, and contribute to the development of national science and technology.