On 30 August 2021, Tang Hua, Party Secretary of Xinjin District, Zhang Yan, Member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Chairman of the District Federation of Trade Unions, Ye Shangmin, Deputy District Governor, Wang Jiong, Deputy District Governor, Zheng Hong, Director of Tianfu Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park Management Committee, went to Hope Cloud Smart Valley project for research and guidance, accompanied by Guo Shaohua, General Manager of Hensheng Smart Valley.

Secretary Tang Hua and his entourage inspected the project's investment display centre, enterprise salon area and staff office area, learned in detail about the project's electronic sand table display area and watched the project's promotional video on site. General Manager Guo Shaohua made a special report on the project's planning and layout, development and construction and investment promotion, and expressed his heartfelt thanks to Secretary Tang Hua and the leaders of Xinjin District Committee and District Government at all levels for their long-term care and support. He said that the project team will strictly implement the work requirements of the district party committee and the district government, actively fulfill the main responsibility, quickly promote the construction of the project, strictly check the investment work, continue to promote the optimization of industrial structure and quality improvement, and help the high-quality development of the regional economy.

Secretary Tang Hua congratulated the opening of the project investment display area as scheduled, gave full affirmation and approval to the progress of the project construction and overall investment planning, and put forward specific comments and suggestions on the optimization of the project's electronic sand table angle, the improvement of the content of promotional materials and the control of the quality of the industries to be attracted. She said that Xinjin District is speeding up industrial transformation and upgrading, focusing on functional quality improvement and promoting smart urban growth, and that the Hope Cloud Smart Valley project, as a wisdom centre and wisdom manufacturing centre that brings together global wisdom, must be planned to a high standard, constructed with high efficiency and invested with high quality to make the project a template for intelligent industrial carriers in Xinjin District. The Xinjin District Party Committee and District Government will also take the initiative to provide good services, continue to deepen the innovation drive, create a good development ecology and do their best to help enterprises to relieve their difficulties.


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