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——Hope Deepblue AC Corp., Ltd. Successfully Shipped a Single 91MW Steam Exhaust Heat Pump


91MW Heat Pump Delivery Site

With the successful delivery of the 91MW Steam Exhaust Heat Pump, Hope Deepblue Central Air Conditioning has once again broken the world heat production record for lithium bromide monobloc heat pumps, which was previously held by Deepblue itself at 73MW monobloc, achieving a magnificent self-transcendence. The unit is 11 metres high, 7.8 metres wide and 12 metres long, with a total operating weight of 300 tonnes. This huge unit was split up and transported in six heavy vehicles, and then assembled together after arriving at the customer's site. After the unit is put into operation, it can recover 40MW of waste heat from spent steam, which is expected to save 23,600 tonnes of standard coal and reduce CO2 emissions by 62,500 tonnes per year, which is equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 35,700 cars per year (gasoline emits about 2.5 kg of CO2 per litre, assuming a car consumes 7 litres of fuel per 100 km and travels 10,000 km per year), achieving a perfect win-win situation in terms of economic and social benefits. Hope Deepblue, the national company for central air conditioning in western China, is a proud national brand that the market and users can always rely on.

91MW Heat Pump Delivery Site

It is well known that heat can be transferred spontaneously from a high temperature object to a low temperature object, but not spontaneously in the reverse direction. Heat pumps, which are devices that force heat to flow from a low temperature object to a high temperature object in a reverse cycle, can effectively harness low grade heat energy that is difficult to apply for energy saving purposes. The 91MW heat pump is used by a power plant in Inner Mongolia and, together with this supply, four Hope DeepblueSteam Exhaust Heat Pumps have been installed continuously to recover waste heat from the generating units. After full operation, it increases the heat supply from the power plant, better undertakes the social obligation of urban heating, significantly reduces the heating costs of the power plant, while saving up to 60,000 tonnes of standard coal per year and reducing CO2 emissions by 160,000 tonnes, which is approximately equivalent to the CO2 emissions of 91,400 cars a year (to continue with the previous assumptions). Hope Deepblue's waste heat heating system for power plants is an alternative to traditional coal-fired heating, a clean, efficient and intensive use of waste heat resources, and a new clean heating model in line with the concept of energy conservation, emission reduction and environmental protection, which is of universal value in the vast northern regions where there is a rigid demand for central heating.

Hope Deepblue not only refreshes the scale of lithium bromide central air conditioning units time and again, but also pays more attention to product quality. Over the past twenty years since its establishment, it has always focused on its core business of central air-conditioning, organizing teams of experts to work hard to achieve technological innovation, product upgrade and process improvement, ensuring maximum product advancement, reliability and stability. Quality is gold! New Hengfeng Energy 73MW heat pump, Baosteel Baoshan thermal power station 31 MW heat pump, Shandong Weifang Linqu power plant 31 MW heat pump are all successfully commissioned at one time, stable operation ...... based in China, service worldwide, but also set up a series of internationally renowned benchmark customers such as the Italian Papal Hospital, Boeing aircraft European factory, Ferrari factory, Eni oil group, Coca Cola The Italian factory, PRADA headquarters and a series of internationally renowned benchmark customers.

The picture below shows the construction picture of Baoshan Thermal Power Station of Baotou Steel

The picture below shows the 31MW flue gas de-whitening heat pump heating system of Shandong Weifang Linqu Power Plant

 (The picture shows the heating station in Copenhagen, Denmark)

 (The picture shows the heating station in Sunderborg, Denmark)

 (Pope Hospital of Rome, Italy)

(Boeing European Plant)

(Ferrari Factory)

(Eni Petroleum Group)

New record, new starting point, start again. As an important member of the "Double Carbon" Work Leading Group, Hope Deepblue is fulfilling its corporate commitments with practical actions and continuously making due contributions to the "Double Carbon" strategy.



Hope Deepblue Air Conditioning Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is located in the West District of Chengdu High-tech Development Zone, Sichuan Province. It is a national key high-tech enterprise and a member unit of the "Double Carbon" Work Leading Group. The company has strong technical advantages and has obtained nearly 100 patents and proprietary technologies. R & D and production of various types of lithium bromide absorption cold and hot water units, lithium bromide heat pumps; various types of vacuum central hot water units and atmospheric hot water boilers; cold, heat, and electricity triple-supply distributed energy systems, air purification and disinfection products. In the industrial fields of coking, chemical, textile, pharmaceutical, food, metallurgy, power plant and other industrial fields, it has become a recognized "expert in waste heat utilization" in the industry, and was named "the world's leading enterprise in the field of waste heat recovery in the world's environmental protection and new energy industry".

Hope Deepblue, make the world greener and the sky bluer!


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