Group Vice President Dr. Cheng Yifeng Led a Team to Visit Petro China Southwest Oil&Gasfield Company

On August 31, the vice president of the group, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, led a team to visit Petro China Southwest Oil&Gasfield Company, accompanied by party committee member and deputy general manager Dong Huanzhong. He Jianbo, general manager of the group's electromechanical sector, and others participated.

At the symposium, Vice President Cheng Yifeng stated that Petro China Southwest Oil&Gasfield Company is the largest natural gas production and supply company in the Southwest. The company has been deeply involved in the Sichuan basin for over 60 years and has established the country's first complete natural gas industry system. Natural gas customers are located throughout the Sichuan and Chongqing regions, with more than 1,000 large and medium-sized industrial customers, more than 10,000 public utility customers and more than 25 million residential customers. In 2020, Petro China Southwest Oil&Gasfield will be fully built into a $30 billion strategic atmosphere, ranking fourth in the upstream segment of the Group's oil and gas scale, and is a benchmark enterprise in the industry, which is greatly admired. Over the years, CHG has focused on the field of intelligent equipment manufacturing and intelligent transmission control. Hope Slanvert, a subsidiary of the Group, has a deep presence in the petroleum and petrochemical, port and airport, new energy and other industries, with marketing and service networks throughout China, Europe and the United States, providing quality products and services to customers worldwide. The company's transmission and control products have passed the EU CE and US UL certifications and have won awards such as the gold medal at the 4th China Science and Technology Fair and have been included in the National Torch Plan project. At present, the Group is adhering to the customer demand-oriented approach, enriching and improving its service functions and product system, promoting innovation and transformation, facilitating business development, and continuing to provide quality products and services to the community and customers. We hope to deepen exchanges and strengthen cooperation in the future, overlaying rich industry resources with advanced equipment and technology to achieve complementary advantages and synergistic support, and further promote win-win cooperation.

Mr. Dong Huanzhong, Vice General Manager, said that he welcomed Mr. Cheng Yifeng and his delegation to the company for exchange. CHG is a pioneering private enterprise that has progressed and grown with China's reform and opening up, and has contributed to social and economic development through its steady operation over the past 40 years. Its quality products and services have won a good reputation in society, demonstrating the strong resilience and vigour of the enterprise. At present, the reform of state-owned enterprises calls for market-oriented principles and mutual benefit, and the initiative to increase all-round cooperation with private enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises, playing a "national team" role in stabilising the industrial chain. Petro China Southwest Oil&Gasfield Company will give full play to the role of state-owned enterprises, focus on strengthening cooperation with small and medium enterprises and private enterprises in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain and supply chain, especially the leading enterprises and "invisible champions" of specialization and newness, and stimulate the innovative development potential of private enterprises. We will also promote the integration and development of state-owned enterprises and private enterprises to achieve win-win cooperation. CHG, as a technology-based modern enterprise, has taken the enhancement of its innovation capability as its main focus, improved its technological innovation system, continuously increased its independent research and development investment, and enhanced its competitiveness with technological innovation as its core. The two sides have a good basis for cooperation and a broad prospect for cooperation. We hope to grasp the opportunity to cooperate pragmatically, share resources and complement each other's advantages, communicate in a timely manner, strengthen exchanges and create a new situation of cooperation and development between state-owned and private enterprises.


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