CHG President Dr. Bin Chen and Executive Vice President Mrs. Heidy visited Hope Cloud Valley and Lakeside Spring Dawn Projects for Research

On 26 August, Dr Chen Bin, President of CHG, and Mrs Heidy, Executive Vice President, visited Hope Cloud Valley and Lakeside Spring Dawn projects for research. Luo Min, Minister of the Group's Procurement Department, Lv Ruolin, Deputy Minister of the Enterprise Development Department, Yang Haifeng, Executive Vice General Manager of the Real Estate Division, Xiao Li, General Manager of Jinxiu Minjiang, Guo Shaohua, General Manager of Hengsheng Zhigu, and persons in charge of each centre of the Real Estate Division accompanied the research.

Mr. Chen and Mrs. Liu visited the Hope Cloud Valley project. At the meeting, Vice Minister Lu Ruolin and General Manager Guo Shaohua made a work report on the project situation. The two leaders affirmed the presentation effect of the project display area and made corresponding requirements.

At the Lakeside Spring Dawn project site, Mr Chen and Mrs Liu gave positive comments and also put forward requirements for the project details. At the meeting, General Manager Xiao Li, Director Tang Haibin and Director Kou Jun made special reports on the project construction, marketing strategies and problems respectively. Mr. Chen pointed out that Lakeside Spring Dawn is an integral part of Atlantis and the team should pay high attention to the quality of the project and meet customers' needs with the ultimate products and services.

General Manager Yang Haifeng thanked the leaders for their recognition of the project and said that he would work quickly in accordance with the instructions, complete the task successfully and deliver a satisfactory answer to the Board with actual performance.

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