Du Jiang, Deputy Director and Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial Committee for Care for the Next Generation, visited CHG for research

On 26 August, Du Jiang, Deputy Director and Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial Committee for Care for the Next Generation, visited the Group for research. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of CHG, accompanied by Han Lu, Vice Chairman of Hope Silktalk and Huang Ze Xiong, General Manager.

The leaders visited the Group's image display centre and learned in detail about the Group's development history, industrial sectors, business scale and latest technological achievements. Secretary-General Du Jiang highly praised the Group's insistence on developing the field of health technology. He stressed that health is not only related to individuals and families, but also to social development. The Group's health technology products should strictly control the quality of products, adhere to technology and product update, and continue to provide high-quality health and hygiene services to the society.

During the seminar, Vice Chairman Han Lu introduced in detail the latest technological achievements of Hope Silktalk and its products such as antiviral and antibacterial multifunctional silk scarves. Mr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Du Jiang, Secretary General, Mr. Yu Lin and other leaders for visiting the Group, which is a support and encouragement for the development of the Group and also for the care and love for the past work. The Group insists on the values of "people-oriented, sincere and trustworthy, achieving customers and giving back to the society", and always links corporate development with the practice of social responsibility, actively serving and giving back to the society and contributing to the high-quality development of the local community. Currently, Hope Silktalk, a subsidiary of the Group, has advanced technology and a large number of experts in the field of public health. It has always focused on the healthy development of young people, proactively exploring and innovating, actively serving the construction of a healthy environment in schools and helping young people to develop a healthy concept of life and lifestyle. We welcome the leaders of the Provincial Committee to visit the Group and Hope Silktalk frequently for research and guidance to promote the effective integration of the work of the Committee and the Group's development.

Director Yu Lin said that CHG has taken the initiative to fulfill its social responsibility by actively laying out industries in Mao County and other minority areas to help revitalize the countryside, and setting up the "Hope for Senlan" scholarship at Zhejiang University to support the cause of higher education in China, which has been well received by the community. We hope that CHG will continue to fulfill its social responsibility, play a leading role as an enterprise and make greater contribution to social and economic development in the future.

Secretary-General Du Jiang gave full recognition to the Group and Hope Silktalk for the results achieved. He said that CHG's steady development over the past 40 years was due to its persistent pursuit of advanced management systems, science and technology. The business philosophy of "Excellence beyond borders " brings together powerful energy for high-quality sustainable development of the enterprise. Hope Silktalk is technologically advanced and strong, and has a good foundation and sufficient potential to work with the next generation. We hope that in the future, we can adhere to the direction of serving young people, make good use of our advantageous resources, innovate ways and means to achieve organic integration between the work of caring for the next generation and the development and operation of enterprises, and gather more and stronger synergies for the work of caring for the next generation. The provincial committee will actively do a good job in providing various services to promote the Group's work for the next generation in an innovative, healthy and orderly manner.

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