The Group Held a Seminar on Development Work

On 8 August, the Group held a seminar on development work. President Chen Bin combined with the spirit of the recent central, provincial and municipal work conferences, convened the relevant persons in charge of each segment and division to analyze the current situation and tasks in depth, systematically plan the work ideas and initiatives, focus on the new development concept, clarify the strategic objectives, and offer suggestions for establishing the development path and transformation momentum.

At the meeting, President Chen Bin said that the purpose of calling everyone to seriously study and understand the national macro policies was to "check the pulse" of the Group's industrial layout and development direction, to follow the trend and achieve the future, and to realize the high-quality sustainable development of the Group. Combined with the current release of the "development of specialized and new small and medium-sized enterprises" and "support the accelerated development of new energy vehicles" and other signals, I hope that everyone based on their own areas, the development of the board, project construction and other aspects of their own views, to further collision of wisdom sparks, stimulate development momentum.

The meeting noted that the global epidemic is still evolving, the external environment is becoming more complex and severe, and the domestic economic recovery is still unstable and uneven. We should study and deeply understand the national macro policies, adhere to the road of stability and development, carefully plan the future work ideas and development strategies, and write a new chapter of the Group's development.

The meeting stressed the importance of nurturing opportunities in the midst of crisis and opening up new situations in the midst of changes to achieve a new level of performance for the Group. First, the Group's relevant segments should aim to be "specialized and special new" enterprises, focus on their main business, practice internal skills, strengthen innovation, accelerate product technology upgrading, and strive to become "single champion" or "supporting experts" in the field. We will strive to become "single champions" or "supporting experts" in the field. Secondly, each segment should explore the layout of work in the field of new energy with a positive and open attitude and market logic, taking into account the content of its own business. Third, we should carefully study the overall requirements of national carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, develop and optimise relevant products and actively expand new channels for business development.

The meeting requested that we should talk about pragmatism in research and discuss development in planning. Firstly, we should study the policy guidance in depth, broaden the information channels, enhance the sensitivity to the industry development and market changes, and make suggestions for the quality development of the Group. Secondly, we should seriously study and research the development methods of well-known enterprises at home and abroad, liberate our minds, pioneer and innovate, base on our ecological background, amplify our development advantages, rise to the challenge and work hard to provide sustainable competitiveness for the Group's development. Thirdly, we attach importance to the cultivation of talents, accelerate the information cross-circle of the Group's board, comprehensively enhance the team's execution, coalesce the centripetal force of the Group's development, and realize the whole army to fight for the future together.

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