Group Vice President Dr. Cheng Yifeng Investigates and Guides the Work

On August 4, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, went to Hope Haiyue Technology Co., Ltd. and Chengdu Hope Silktalk Textile Technology Co., Ltd. for research and guidance, to gain an in-depth understanding of the company's business status, work plan, team building and office conditions, and to point out the direction for the next development. Vice Chairman Han Lu, General Manager Huang Zexiong and Deputy General Manager Yang Peng accompanied.

At the seminar, Vice Chairman Han Lu and General Manager Huang Zexiong gave a detailed introduction of the company's establishment process and operation status. The company has been established for nearly two years, and has gone through the stage of accumulating the foundation and reforming and perfecting, creating the brand of "Bamboo Sui Mingwu", achieving a healthy operation, gradually and steadily developing in practice, and constantly improving the management mode. Under the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, the company was brave to innovate and joined hands with textile experts from Nantong, the "hometown of textiles" in China, and cooperated with the international leading high-tech enterprise Hitech to set up "Chengdu Hope Silktalk Textile Technology Co. "Chengdu Hope Silktalk Textile Technology Co., Ltd. At present, with the support and assistance of the Group, the company has become an authorised enterprise for the concession of the 31st World University Summer Games in Chengdu.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng gave full recognition to the company's work achievements. He said that both companies have strong corporate cohesion and fighting spirit, and can grasp the moment to integrate into the market. Anti-virus anti-bacterial multi-functional silk scarf has become a licensed commodity of Chengdu Universiade, the product has been recognized by the market and the core competitiveness of the enterprise has been enhanced, which is the first step towards the success of the enterprise! We hope that we will firmly believe in continuous innovation, make arrangements and deployments to fight tough battles, focus on product optimisation and upgrading, make adjustments and supplements to the supply chain, regularly track customer feedback, especially grasp the mainstream market, strategic market, tactical market and opportunity market, enhance our competitiveness in the market and form a definite force for development in the renewal and iteration.

In response to the current difficulties and problems facing the company, Vice President Cheng Yifeng also gave analysis and guidance. He pointed out: The journey is long and we need thrive. We must be down-to-earth and look forward to the future, with the spirit of "rolling up our sleeves and doing hard work", with the state of "smelling the chicken and dancing at the right time", and with the responsibility of "who is the one who is unshirkable." In particular, we must grasp the advantages of "Hope Group", "Continental Hope Group" and "Health Technology Industry", establish a strong brand framework, do a good job in product promotion, and achieve goals.

He emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the pursuit of "high", maintain "stable" determination, muster the energy to "break", promote "practical" style, promote enterprise data management mode, establish and improve corporate culture, and implement it at all levels. , Realize the company's scientific and stable development, and provide sustainable competitiveness for the development of the group. The management departments of the group will definitely do a good job of service and provide good development conditions and environment for everyone.

Participants said that after listening to Mr. Feng's speech, they were deeply spurred and inspired, and that they will be more strict with themselves, keep pace with the times, forge ahead, and promote the company's development to a new level.

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