A Meeting of Minds to Discuss Business Development

A Meeting of Minds to Discuss Business Development

In order to quickly promote the marketing and sales of health technology companies and the development of the company, a market seminar salon activity was held in the afternoon of August 3 in Tianfu Zhigu Hi-Tech Park. Dr. Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, was invited to attend the seminar, and more than 20 people from many companies, including Hope Health Technology, Hope Koru-IT, Hope Silktalk, Hope Slanvert, Deepblue Air Conditioning and Forevertrust, participated in the seminar.

The seminar salon was held in a relaxed atmosphere,is to allow each participant to open up, express their thoughts, throw out golden ideas and start a brainstorming session on the sales and development of health technology companies. Health Tech now has a wide range of products such as Air Conditioner N95, Temperature Screening System, Access Gate, Extermination/Temperature Measuring/Delivery Robot, Anti-Viral Silk Scarf and its set, Epidemic Light Box and Toxic Bacteria Buster, which are widely used in different scenarios such as public places, enterprises and individuals. Everyone spoke enthusiastically, expressing their views and ideas on the current market environment, core competitiveness, product improvement, means of publicity and promotion, internal management of the company and other aspects facing the health technology company and its products. There was a lot of rational thinking, as well as many whimsical ideas and market explosions, which triggered a burst of applause. During the speeches, Vice President Cheng Yifeng and relevant company leaders listened carefully, took notes from time to time and exchanged and responded to some hot topics.

After the speeches, Vice President Cheng Yifeng made a summary of the seminar salon. He firstly affirmed this form of activity and encouraged everyone's positive speech, and also pointed out the specific work objectives and requirements for Health Tech in the next step, especially in August. Vice President Cheng Yifeng likened the next August action to the "August Revolution" and "August Storm" of the health technology company, asking the company to formulate an "August Action Agenda" based on the instructions and requirements of the recent work conference, combined with the multi-faceted thinking of everyone at the salon activity. "August Action Plan". How exactly do you do it? It is important to deeply understand the connotation of the sixteen words.1. industry development: main line, layout, channel, professional - establishing development goals, rational layout, finding the right channel, professional focus.2, industry growth: field, standard, foundation, cooperation - establish industry status, set standards, continuous iteration, strong cooperation.3Marketing: positioning, packaging, publicity, service - establish product positioning, solutions, good publicity, strengthen services.4Talent building: system, team, cross-circle, training - establish talent system, build strong team, information cross-circle, gradient training.

The seminar salon was successfully concluded with endless applause.

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