Group Vice President Dr. Cheng Yifeng Went to Sichuan Hope Deepblue Network Engineering Corp., Ltd. for Research and Guidance

On the morning of July 30th, Dr. Cheng Yifeng, vice president of the group, went to Sichuan Hope Deepblue Network Engineering Corp., Ltd. to conduct research and guidance, to gain in-depth understanding of the company’s current operating conditions and work plans, and to point out the direction for the next development. At the symposium, Vice President Cheng Yifeng expressed his gratitude to everyone for their hard work and dedication. I hope everyone will stick to the "scalper spirit" of hard work, the "eagle spirit" of breaking through the fog, and never give up the "camel spirit", forge ahead with a more vigorous spirit, and continuously enhance market competitiveness to achieve the company's scientific and high-quality development to provide sustainable competitiveness for the development of the group.

After the meeting, the general manager of the company Yu Anqiang organized all employees to study the spirit of the meeting seriously, and determined the guiding ideology, goals and strategic priorities for future work. The company will further strengthen the system construction, strictly work discipline, establish and improve the first-inquiry responsibility system, time-limited completion system, job tracking system, entry-employee reporting system, and leaving-post notification system, etc., All employees are required to supervise, help and coordinate with each other to continuously improve work efficiency and achieve work performance; further strengthen communication and coordination among various departments, disclose business work status and work progress in a timely manner, fully implement information exchange, and report to group leaders on time; further strengthen team and team building, strengthen team awareness, and continue to improve corporate governance memorabilia, Effectively mobilize the sense of responsibility of all employees, let everyone consciously think about problems from the overall perspective of the development of the group and the company, and strive to lay the foundation, increase stamina and motivation for the company's scientific and high-quality development; at the same time, it attaches importance to the growth of employees and creates space for development, so that every employee always maintains a good mental state of facing difficulties and forging ahead in unity. Everyone said that they will continue to strengthen learning, implement the spirit of the conference into various specific tasks, and push the work to a new level with greater determination, more powerful measures, and a more pragmatic style.

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