Guarding the Lights of Thousands of Families, We Are on the Move.

It is reported that at 24:00 on July 27, Chengdu newly reported 3 newly confirmed cases of COVID-19. The confirmed patient went to Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital for medical treatment after traveling and returning to Chengdu. The doctor who was admitted was found to have COVID-19 symptoms. After the new coronavirus nucleic acid test, all three of them were positive. After consultation with the clinical expert group, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case (light type). On the morning of the 28th, the Provincial Hospital issued an announcement that all outpatient clinics in the hospital were closed for some reason. In the evening, the Provincial Hospital issued an announcement again that it had fully completed in-hospital killing, environmental sampling, and disease control assessment. All patients, family members, and medical staff had negative nucleic acid test results, and outpatient services and admissions resumed operations.

Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital is inseparable from the strong support of the party committee and the government, the orderly and effective arrangements of the hospital, and the hard work of all medical staff, including the power of intelligent technology, behind Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital's rapid response and handling of the epidemic. Help-from CHG's Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd.'s air purification and disinfection system and intelligent temperature screening system.

Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital On-site

Fulfill social responsibilities and use science and technology to protect health

As a national enterprise that has grown up with the spring breeze of reform, CHG has actively fulfilled its social responsibilities, leveraged its corporate advantages, combined with the technical advantages of the five major high-tech companies at home and abroad, invested in manpower and material resources, devoted day and night, hard work, and research and development in the face of the sudden epidemic. We have produced a series of healthy China precision prevention and control products to solve the epidemic prevention problems from production to life, from public space to personal space in an all-round way, and realize smart epidemic prevention and precise prevention and control with scientific and technological power.

In order to help improve the level of public health and protect people's lives and health, on April 17, 2020, CHG and Sichuan Provincial People's Hospital signed the "Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement", and plans to jointly establish a smart medical care joint research and development application center And post-doctoral workstations, to carry out all-round strategic cooperation in medical-grade epidemic prevention management, smart medical robots, medical-grade green and smart environmental management systems, and smart health management, and work together to fight the epidemic.

At present, provincial hospitals have installed intelligent temperature screening systems at all entrances, and air purification and disinfection systems have been installed in areas with air conditioning and ventilation systems, such as fever clinics, general outpatient clinics, inpatient departments, CT rooms, and operating rooms. The joint operation of the two systems greatly improves the air quality, effectively cuts off the virus transmission route, protects the safety of doctors, patients and their families, and controls the spread of the epidemic.

In addition, CHG actively provides smart epidemic prevention system solutions to public places such as the Chengdu Universiade, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport, Hainan Boao Forum for Asia, Chengdu Eighth People’s Hospital, Xichang People’s Hospital, and uses high-tech products to help scientific epidemic prevention and precise prevention and control. We will make every effort to provide scientific, safe, effective and convenient public health precision epidemic prevention services for the society and the general public. The Group has also joined hands with Maoxian County to use smart technology to accurately prevent the epidemic, help local hospitals, hotels, schools, etc. to resume work, production and school, and help the economic recovery of ethnic minority areas.

Hainan Boao Forum On-Site

Guarding the Lights of Thousands of Families, We Are on the Move.

At present, Delta has become the most prevalent strain of the global epidemic, with the characteristics of strong transmission ability, fast transmission speed, and atypical symptoms. Hospitals, airports, schools and other public places are crowded with people, the risk of cross-infection is high, and the pressure of prevention and control is huge. To control hidden risks from the source, it is particularly important to use professional and effective disinfection measures and products, otherwise the risk of infection will be greatly increased, and the population affected will increase exponentially.

CHG has always adhered to the values of “people-oriented, sincere and trustworthy, customer achievement, and social contribution”, and will continue to actively participate in epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work with scientific and technological strength, strengthen contact and cooperation with relevant departments, and actively perform joint prevention and control services, and will be precise The prevention and control products were introduced to the market, and we went all out to help the battle against the epidemic to win the battle.



Product introduction

The air purification and disinfection system has the functions of air purification, disinfection and sterilization, and Internet of Things cloud services. The Guangdong Provincial Microbiological Analysis and Testing Center and the Guangzhou Institute of Microbiology Co., Ltd. have carried out the disinfection effect of the air purification and disinfection system, the killing effect of H1N1 virus, the removal efficiency of PM2.5 particulate matter, the purification effect of TVOC and formaldehyde, benzene, xylene, etc. Authoritative testing has reached the level of excellent performance indicators.

Intelligent body temperature screening system, composed of dual-spectrum thermometer (thermal imaging and visible light combined camera), standard black body and intelligent body temperature screening system software. The advanced face recognition algorithm based on artificial intelligence deep learning and the patented technology of precise forehead recognition and positioning, can measure the temperature of 100 long-distance targets at the same time within 2-10 meters. , High-precision rapid temperature screening and alarm. At present, the products have been used in public places such as Tianfu International Airport and Emei Group Cinema.

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