Contributing to European Emissions Reduction in China

Hope Deepblue wins another tens of million dollar heat pump order from Denmark

Recently, Hope Deepblue's overseas business has been successful in signing a large heat pump project for the Odense City Heat Network Heating Station in Denmark, which will supply two large steam absorption heat pump units for the heating system of Denmark's third largest city to recover flue gas waste heat from the boilers in the heating station to improve heat production efficiency and thermal energy yield.

Since 2010 Hope Deepblue has supplied large absorption heat pump units for a number of city heating projects in Denmark, including Copenhagen, the largest Nordic city in Denmark, Sandberg, where Danfoss is based, and Billund, where LEGO is based. With advanced technology, excellent quality and professional service, it has won the praise of local customers.

While the overseas epidemic has been tough since March last year, Hope Deepblue's overseas business has bucked the trend thanks to its years of accumulation and good reputation. Strong growth of 44% in 2020, achieving a seemingly impossible goal. The whip has been raised to a new level, with another 141% improvement in 2021 on the high point of the same period in 2020. Deepblue has been working overseas for many years, building strong partnerships and a solid market base. Deepblue does not seek to make huge profits at high prices, nor does it compete maliciously with low quality and low prices. Deepblue's technology and services have stood the test of time, attracting hundreds of benchmark users from more than 20 countries.

The road is not alone, the world is one family. Hope Deepblue has spared no effort in helping China to reach its double carbon target on schedule, while actively contributing to energy saving and carbon neutrality in Europe and the world.

(The picture shows the Copenhagen heating station)

(The picture shows the Sunderburg heating station)

(The picture shows the Billund heating station)


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