CHG Vice President Cheng Yifeng Led a Team to Visit Chengdu 8th People’s Hospital

On June 11, at the invitation of Chengdu 8th People’s Hospital, CHG Vice President Cheng Yifeng led a team to visit Chengdu 8th People’s Hospital. Chengdu 8th People’s Hospital Party Secretary Chen Shao, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee He Luqiang, Vice President Liu Min, Vice President Song Weizheng, and Chief Accountant Wu Xiaolin accompanied the discussion and investigation. He Jianbo, General Manager of Hope Science and Technology, Huang Zexiong, General Manager of Hope Silktalk, Zhang Min, Director of the Group President Office, Yuan Zheng, Hope Koru-IT Sales Manager, and related personnel from the sector participated. Entrusted by the leaders of Chengdu Municipal Health Commission, Wang Pinzhong, Director of the Aging Health Division of Chengdu Municipal Health Commission, attended the meeting.

The 8th People’s Hospital takes "helping the children of the world to fulfill their filial piety, solving problems for the elderly in the world, and sharing worries for the party and government" as its work goal. At the meeting, Secretary Chen Shao extended a warm welcome to the arrival of Vice President Cheng Yifeng and his entourage. She introduced in detail the development history of the 8th People’s Hospital, the health of the elderly and the integration of medical care. She said that the 8th People's Hospital combines its own development advantages, takes the pulse of the needs of the aging society, adheres to the differentiated development of characteristics, and takes the lead in exploring the "integration of medical care and care" in Chengdu, creating a "medical rehabilitation based, professional care with distinctive characteristics, and a wide range of institutions and communities. The characteristic service model of "covering, social care and energy gathering" has embarked on a path of innovation of the Chengdu model of "integration of medical and elderly care". At present, the 8th People’s Hospital has won many awards including the title of “Model Hospital for Improving Medical Services” by the National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China. In 2021, as the only representative of the national medical and elderly care institution, the hospital participated in the press conference of the National Health Commission of People’s Republic of China on the medical and elderly care work. CHG health technology products are very meaningful and valuable, especially in the elderly health care work, with advanced concepts and practicality, which are in line with the ecological background of the 8th People’s Hospital. It is hoped that both parties can further deepen their understanding and cooperation, and jointly create high-tech application scenarios for elderly health care.

Hope Science and Technology, Hope Silktalk, Hope Koru-IT all introduced health technology products. He Jianbo, general manager of Hope Science and Technology, said that in the face of the aging trend of society, the 8th People’s Hospital has a high degree of social recognition and has a strong demonstration significance.

Director Wang Pinzhong said that the 8th People’s Hospital integrated medical care service model has attracted the attention of all sectors of society, and has received many praises and promotions. CHG has a good foundation in the field of health science and technology. The cooperation between the two parties will lay a good foundation for the health of the elderly in Chengdu and provide assistance to the happy and beautiful life of Chengdu people.

Vice President Cheng Yifeng believes that the 8th People's Hospital shoulders the heavy responsibility and mission of serving the elderly, and strives to realize the healthy dream of "the elderly have the means to support the elderly, and the sick have suitable medical treatment".CHG has always insisted on demonstrating its responsibilities with practical actions, and has been deeply involved in the field of health science and technology for many years, continuously developing the health industry, optimizing health services, improving health protection, and building a healthy environment. It has successively launched smart health management wearable devices, vital signs smart monitoring systems, smart nursing beds and other health technology products to provide the society and the people with safe, effective and convenient public health and wellness services. The group attaches great importance to the exchange and cooperation with the 8th People’s Hospital, and hopes that the team will communicate and report with the 8th People’s Hospital more, actively integrate resources, actively seek cooperation, and achieve a better life in accordance with the relevant needs of the hospital. We hope that under the guidance of the Chengdu Municipal Health Commission, we will promote each other and seek common development with the 8th People’s Hospital, and strive to promote the deep integration of "technology" and "elderly health care", bringing a real sense of gain, happiness, and security to the elderly.

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