Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile and CHG join hands to create a new development of "Research + Cultural Tourism"

On the afternoon of May 12, 2021, Li Wei, Chairman of Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile Education Technology Co. Ltd., Yao Yingjin, Executive Director and President, and relevant business leaders went to CHG for inspection and exchange. CHG Vice President Cheng Yifeng and General Manager Zhou Ying of the Tourism and Hotel Business Division warmly received the guests. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on the joint integration of resources and the promotion of mutual empowerment and integrated development of research travel and cultural tourism industry.

Yao Yingjin first introduced the development history and business system of Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile. She mentioned that Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile takes research, study, travel and practice education as its core business, and builds a future-oriented quality education service system for all ages and all regions. It is the first professional education institution in China to carry out study tour practice according to relevant policies, and has grown into a head brand in the field of quality education in China. It has built a complete education industry ecosystem based on the advantages of camp planning, study tour curriculum development, management output, in-depth cooperation resources, channel flow and other aspects.

Cheng Yifeng agreed with Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile's concept of quality education with study tours as its core, and highly affirmed Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile's development model of study tours after years of exploration. He said that education is an industry that can make people feel happiness, and supporting the development of education is also a way for enterprises to give back to society and a manifestation of the entrepreneur's positive thinking, which is in line with CHG's corporate values of "putting people first and giving back to society".

At the same time, CHG has many high quality projects in the cultural tourism sector, including hotels, scenic spots, parks, tourism, business, recreation, resort and real estate, and has an extensive cooperation base with Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile in line with the market development trend, which can form a good business ecology.

Research and study travel plays a positive role in realizing the "three cultural" linkages of culture, education, cultural tourism, and cultural creation, and building an ecological experience scene that integrates tourism, leisure, culture, education, and competitions. In his speech, Li Wei believed that whether it is in the education industry or the cultural and tourism industry, the integration of educational empowerment in the cultural and tourism industry under the "research +" model can achieve mutual promotion of the advantages of both parties and achieve a high degree of complementarity. He said that Chengdu Contemporary Juvenile and CHG have realized the connection and collaboration in the research and study travel segmentation field, which has a foundation and demonstration effect for the two sides in the future cultural and tourism comprehensive brand building, standard setting, scale expansion and other all aspects of cooperation. It is recommended that the two parties start comprehensive cooperation in research and tourism from the Chengdu Xinjin project, and use satellite Internet and other technologies to jointly build a digital platform and formulate industry standards with "HCI Hope Travel", and jointly and quickly build the head of the research and tourism segment with a completely open attitude, realizing the fission effect of industrial cooperation.

The visit and exchanges further deepened the understanding of the two parties and reached a consensus on the direction of cooperation for mutual empowerment of research, education and cultural tourism. Cheng Yifeng finally emphasized that in order to ensure the effectiveness of cooperation, it is recommended that the two parties establish a liaison system, according to modern concepts and market logic, to communicate with each other, and to determine the project to carry out pragmatic cooperation as soon as possible to achieve a strong alliance and work together for prosperity.

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