A new chapter in the health industry-Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd. was formally established

On 8 May, CHG officially established Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp. Entrusted by the Board of Directors, Cheng Yifeng, Vice President of the Group, Zhang Lihua, Advisor of the Group, Wu Weidong, Director of the Group's Human Resources and Administration Department, Qin Manzhen, Director of the Group's Risk Control Department, Lu Ruoling, Deputy Director of the Group's Corporate Development Department, Jiang Gui, Deputy Director of the Group's Legal Affairs Department, Zhang Min, Director of the Group's President's Office and staff from relevant departments and corporates of the Group attended. Zeng Rong, Director of Chengdu Productivity Promotion Centre, was invited to attend the launch ceremony.

Chief Engineer Zhang Fan of Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd. introduces the company during the ceremony. He Jianbo, General Manager of Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd. said that with a strong sense of social responsibility, CHG has kept pace with the times, combined the technological advantages of five major high-tech companies at home and abroad, invested human and material resources, worked around the clock in research and development, and worked diligently to develop the Health China Precision Prevention and Control A series of product and system solutions. Today the establishment of Sichuan Hope Health Technology Development Corp., Ltd. is a brand new beginning; the health boat of hope officially sets sail, embracing the future with the wisdom of hope.

Zeng Rong, Director of the Chengdu Productivity Promotion Centre, said that through this research, he had a deep understanding of CHG's anti-epidemic health products, which have a high degree of product integration. Chengdu Productivity Promotion Centre has been committed to serving enterprises and promoting productivity development, and we hope both sides will strengthen communication in the future.

Cheng Yifeng, vice president of the group, said that the group's opening of a new chapter in the health industry is a commitment to the society. Dare to go thousands of miles and ride alone, and then we can make a great journey for thousands of miles. We must insist on leading the market with technology, nurturing the market with our achievements, breaking into the market without fear and stabilising the market with our strong and reliable technology and products, strengthening cooperation with industry leaders and gaining widespread recognition from the society, so as to achieve technology leading the future and technology. It is believed that under the leadership of the group, the health industry will continue to flourish, develop the health industry, optimize health services, improve health protection, and build a healthy environment. It will strive to be a “rule cow” for social services, a “pioneering cow” for innovation and development, and hard work. With the sense of urgency of "can't afford to wait", the sense of crisis of "can't be slow", and the sense of responsibility of "can't sit still", strengthen the foundation and vibrate the power, erect beams and columns to create brilliant, and provide sustainable Competitiveness.

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