2021 Hainan Province 22nd Chess Rating Tournament opens in Qizi Bay, Changjiang

Spring is in full bloom in March. In this vibrant season, we gathered together. The "Hope - Qizi Bay Cup" 2021 Hainan Province 22nd Chess Rating Tournament was held on 27-28 March at the Hainan Hope - Qizi Bay Homeland Hotel.

The tournament was organised by the Hainan Provincial Chess Association, hosted by Hainan Yizimei Sports and Culture Development Co Ltd and Hainan Island Chess Academy, supported by Hainan Hope - Qizi Bay Homeland Hotel, and co-organised by Hainan Children's Star Chess School and Changjiang County Chess Association.

Mr. Liu Yueqing, Deputy Director of the Promotion and Development Committee of the China Chess Association, President of the Hainan Chess Association, International Referee and Head Judge of the tournament, Ms. Zhou Ying, Chairman of Hainan Hope Cultural Tourism and General Manager of Hainan Hope - Qizi Bay Homeland Hotel, Mr. Zhou Zhijun, Secretary General of the Hainan Chess Association. Ms Liu Xirong, President of Changjiang Li Autonomous County Chess Association, and Mr Wang Yingkong, President of Ledong Li Autonomous County Chess Association, attended the opening ceremony to kick off the tournament.

There were 150 players from Haikou, Danzhou, Sanya, Dongfang, Changjiang, Ledong and other cities and counties. The tournament was divided into 11 groups according to the chess ranking certificate issued by the Chinese Chess Association, namely: Open Group, Second Level Chess Group, Third Level Chess Group, Fourth Level Chess Group, Fifth Level Chess Group, Sixth Level Chess Group, Seventh Level Chess Group, Eighth Level Chess Group, Ninth and Tenth Level Chess Group, and Definitive Group. The tournament adopts the latest rules of competition approved by the State General Administration of Sports. 7 rounds will be played, each round will last 25 minutes per side, and overtime will be determined as a loss. The top eight places in each group will be awarded a trophy, medal and certificate to the winner and medals and certificates to the second to eighth places.

Ms. Zhou Ying, General Manager of Hainan Hope - Qizi Bay Homeland Hotel, expressed her pleasure in hosting this tournament and wished all the players excellent results. We will provide the best service to all the leaders, guests and players to create a comfortable, reassuring and enjoyable environment for the tournament.

This tournament is a traditional chess sport in Hainan Province and has been held for twenty-one consecutive years. It aims to further promote the widespread development of chess in Hainan among youngsters and further improve the competitive level of chess in Hainan.


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