Innovative Shore Power Technology Boosting for Green Ports

" On March 10, the world's first high-voltage four-quadrant shore power supply with a hybrid thermal energy management system, independently developed, designed and manufactured by Hope Slanvert, achieved a one-time successful connection to the ship at China Merchants Port Group's container terminal in Shantou, providing variable frequency shore power supply service for the port-docking vessel 'Rizhao Shengshi', marking the formal entry of the project into the trial operation stage."

Shantou China Merchants Port Group Container Terminal is currently the highest-rated, most advanced and functional professional container terminal in eastern Guangdong, and the only core port area and public logistics hub port in the eastern Guangdong port group. The second phase of the project will consist of two 100,000-ton and one 10,000-ton container berths, with a capacity of 1.25 million TEUs.

Hope Slanvert has developed, designed and manufactured the world's first hybrid thermal management system for high voltage four-quadrant onshore power systems, which completely solves the problem of reverse power and heat dissipation during the grid connection process, and can meet the direct grid connection requirements without any control. The topology, control performance and hybrid thermal management system of Shantou China Merchants Port Group's intelligent shore-based power system are all at the international top level, with the advantages of fast dynamic response, strong overload capacity and high control accuracy. The project has passed the inspection of China Classification Society (CCS) and obtained the inspection certificate during the commissioning stage.

The successful coupling of this shore-based power supply project marks a new milestone and a zero breakthrough for Hope Slanvert in the field of shore-based power supply systems. Compared to conventional shore-based power supplies, it has the following features.

Hybrid thermal management system for more rational heat dissipation (patented technology).

Non-disturbing grid connection, completely solving the problem of reverse power during grid connection (patented technology);

Automatic safety circuit diagnostic function for easier coupling of vessels (patented technology);

One-touch start for easier operation;

Salt spray resistant design for a more reliable system;

"Seven-proof" design for greater system security.

In the future, Hope Slanvert will make continuous efforts and breakthroughs to provide overall system solutions for the creation of new shore power systems, such as new design concepts, new technical standards and development directions such as system prefabrication, automation of connected vessels and intelligent operation and maintenance, in order to continue to contribute to the realization of the national green and smart port strategy and boost the confidence of the global industrial economy!



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