Good News▏CHG Energy and Chemical Companies Won Consecutive Awards

In 2020, Sichuan Hope Hydropower Development Corp, Ltd., a subsidiary of CHG's energy and chemical sector, was awarded the honorary titles of " Anti-Epidemic Advanced Member Unit" and "Advanced Member Unit in Anti-epidemic Resumption" by the National Inorganic Salt Information Center.

Sichuan Hope Deepblue Chemical Corp, Ltd., a subsidiary of CHG, was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Contribution Unit" at the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the National Inorganic Salt Information Center.

The above honors for the two corporations are hard-won, but well deserved.

It is reported that during the Spring Festival epidemic, Sichuan Hope Hydropower Development Corp, Ltd. responded positively to the government's call to ensure timely delivery of products to disinfection product enterprises across the country. With the strictest requirements, the highest standards and the most realistic responsibilities, we have made every effort to promote various epidemic prevention and control and safety inspection work, which has been well received by the leaders of relevant departments of the province, state and county, customer units and chemical peers nationwide.

Under the premise of ensuring the prevention and control of the epidemic and safe production, we endeavored to ensure market supply, overcame difficulties such as inconvenience in logistics and transportation during the epidemic, made co-ordinated arrangements, scientific dispatch, and found ways to send products to Wuhan, Shenzhen, Gaomi in Shandong and other places. We provide timely provision of raw materials for the production of chlorine dioxide for hospitals, water plants, disinfection products and other units, making an outstanding contribution to the national inorganic salt industry's anti-epidemic work.


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