There is Hope in the Oriental World

Dr. Jing Xiaoyong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Oriental Performing Arts Group,

and his delegation visited China Hope Group.

In the afternoon of June 11, Dr. Jing Xiaoyong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board of Directors of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, Mr. Gao Ai, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, General Manager and Director of the Board of Directors of China Oriental Performing Arts Group, and other members of the delegation visited Continental Hope Group. China Oriental Performing Arts Group, a national performing arts and cultural group, is the most prestigious national art theatre in New China, founded under the affectionate care of successive party and state leaders, representing the highest achievements in Chinese music and dance arts, and playing a unique role as a "cultural ambassador" to promote friendship and cultural exchanges between China and other countries around the world.

Secretary Jing Xiaoyong and his entourage visited the Atlantis Cultural Tourism Integrated Project, the Hope Senlan Science and Technology Park and the Intelligent Science and Technology Exhibition Hall invested and developed by Hope Culture Tourism Development Division,  discussed with group leaders such as Dr. Chen Bin, President of the Group, Mrs. Heidy Liu, Vice President, General Manager Wang Wenjia of Chengdu Hope Continental Investment Corp., Ltd., Chairman Zhou Ying of Hope Cultural Tourism. The two parties conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on cooperation in the fields of cultural tourism, art, and smart health and wellness.

President Chen Bin introduced the Group's related industries to Secretary Jing Xiaoyong and his entourage, and highlighted that the cultural tourism segment relies on Hope Culture & Tourism to build a composite project industry segment integrating hotel, scenic spot, park, culture, tourism, business, wellness, resort and real estate by integrating hotel and tourism resources. With "Livable, Travel and Business friendly" as the core, with the business philosophy of "Being from nature, transcending nature", "Talking and laughing, and being elegant in communication", build a platform for international economic, cultural and artistic exchange to create a utopia where man and nature, man and society live in harmony.

Beauty is not only experienced from the external hardware performance, but also from the profound historical and cultural heritage and connotation. Known as the "Eight Luxury Real Estate in China", Atlantis has assembled the world's "dream team" and tailored it for the global financial and intellectual circles with the concept of "derived from customization, beyond customization". This comprehensive cultural and tourism project is jointly designed by the world’s top design teams such as ATKINS in the United Kingdom, DAHLIN in the United States, WATG in the United States, BELT COLLINS in Hong Kong, and FORREC in Canada, Terrace Shopping Park and Atlantis International Community to create the legend of an epic dreamy manor with the idea of building a city in three circles, and reproduce the legend of "Palace Paradise and Polis". Hope Outlet Shopping Park, and the island villas composed of English, French, Italian and Georgian styles, allow the owner not only feel the natural ecological environment and pure architectural art of real mountains and waters, but also experience and participate in the global frontier economic, cultural, scientific and artistic exchanges without leaving your home, creating an invisible circle of life.

Afterwards, Secretary Jing Xiaoyong and his entourage visited the Hope Outlet Shopping Park, which was grandly opened on December 28 last year. This Mediterranean-style shopping park features Romanesque architecture with semi-circular arches, European-style art sculptures, landscaped staircases, a replica of the crescent-shaped Piazza San Marco in Venice, and vibrant walls in pink and pink-orange ... The guests of Oriental Performing Arts Group were impressed by the ubiquitous Italian style, and were impressed by the exquisite and ingenious artistic and cultural heritage.

Hope - Outlet Shopping Park brings together mainstream international brands from around the world, including heavy luxury, light luxury, trendy luxury, fashion designer brands, sports and leisure brands, children's products and food court. In this exotic Mediterranean cultural tourism shopping resort, you can taste and buy international top luxury products, limited edition fashion products, sports and leisure products, as well as Venetian gondolas indulging in the mountains and rivers, and Eurasian cuisines bloom your tongue. It is a utopia of modern civilization with the artistic taste and fashion elements of a cosmopolitan city, trendy life, sports and leisure, cultural appreciation and family fun, and other multiple needs.

Secretary Jing Xiaoyong expressed high affirmation and appreciation for the cultural accomplishment and artistic connotation embodied in the entire Atlantis Cultural Tourism Integrated Project, and was full of confidence in the future cooperation in the field of culture and art.

Last but not least, Secretary Jing Xiaoyong and his entourage also visited the Group’s technology sector’s transmission control division, air conditioning division, and the full series of “intelligent anti-epidemic system solutions”, smart health management systems, and smart measurement Warm and smart disinfection robots, etc. He highly praised the group’s corporate responsibility and sense of social responsibility during the epidemic, and expressed the hope that it would cooperate with a highly, responsible and responsible enterprise such as Continental Hope Group in the field of cultural tourism for a win-win situation.

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