Bai Yufei, Vice Chairman of CP Group's Agricultural and Animal Husbandry Food Company (Great China), Visited the Group to Inspect Smart Technology Projects

On June 11, Bai Yufei, the vice chairman of the China region of CP Group's agricultural and animal husbandry food company, visited the Continental Hope Group and inspected the group's smart technology projects. The two parties had in-depth exchanges on cooperation in smart agriculture and animal husbandry.

Dr. Chen Bin, President of Continental Hope Group, introduced the group's smart technology sector to Vice Chairman Bai Yufei and his entourage, and focused on the smart agriculture and animal husbandry products independently developed by the sector. The intelligent technology sector is an important part of the Group's future layout, integrating independent core cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, motion control, robotics, embedded systems and mechanical structure design. The smart products developed have been used in the four fields of smart health, smart fitness, smart farming and animal husbandry, and smart manufacturing. In the field of smart agriculture and animal husbandry, smart animal wearable technology can realize the identification, behavior characteristics, growth status, health information, precise feeding, epidemic management and production statistics of cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, etc., and greatly improve product output and quality. Intelligent machine substitution, freeing the staff from the heavy and harsh working environment; the visual big data platform enables efficient application and management of personnel, animals, equipment, and production.

Subsequently, Vice Chairman Bai Yufei and his entourage visited the Group's intelligent temperature inspection robots, intelligent killing robots, intelligent distribution robots, intelligent epidemic prevention robots, intelligent medical nursing robots, intelligent home nursing beds and other intelligent scientific and technological equipment in the workplace applications. He expressed his appreciation for the level of research and development of intelligent science and technology, intelligent manufacturing technology and the efficiency of the transformation of the achievements of Continental Hope Group, and he is full of confidence in the future cooperation between the two sides in the field of intelligent agriculture and livestock.


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