Chengdu "Smart" Cloud Matchmaking International Special Event

-CHG introduces intelligent prevention andcontrol system solution-

As the epidemic is gradually brought undercontrol in the country, more and more businesses, schools, construction sites,etc. are starting to resume work. With the epidemic alert not yet fully lifted,how to prevent it scientifically and effectively is a major challenge beforeus. In addition, as the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic is now spreading inmany countries, it is our common choice to strengthen international cooperationand to join hands to fight the epidemic and to work together.

On the morning of March 26th (Thursday), ChengduScience and Technology Bureau, Chengdu Economic and Information Bureau, ChengduForeign Affairs Office and Chengdu Expo Bureau co-hosted the "Chengdu'Smart' new technology and new products cloud docking" - the internationalspecial event on the application of science and technology for epidemicprevention. Through the "Online Live + WeChat Interactive Group"approach, it has set up an accurate docking platform for new technologies andproducts, science and technology enterprises and domestic and foreign demandparties for epidemic prevention and control, and provided 218"Chengdu-made" science and technology epidemic prevention products tothe world, focusing on the release of 17 new technologies and products,covering temperature measurement, sterilization, testing, pharmaceuticals anddevelopment, telemedicine, monitoring, prevention and control and other fields,providing Chengdu's strength for global epidemic prevention and control. Theevent attracted the active participation of many users at home and abroad,including government departments at all levels, major enterprises andinstitutions, international friendly cities, foreign consular offices inChengdu and Chongqing, foreign investment associations, etc.

CHG and other 17 enterprises and researchinstitutions were invited to attend the event as scientific and technologicalepidemic prevention and new product launch enterprises, to show the world thepower of Chengdu's "intelligent" strength. GM. He Jianbo, attendedthe event and delivered a speech on behalf of the Group, announcing the"Smart Anti-Epidemic System Solution".

As an enterprise adhering to the sense ofsocial responsibility and historical mission, CHG, in the face of the coronavirusepidemic, make full use of the enterprise's own technology and talentadvantages in the high-tech field at home and abroad, and actively organizeprofessional technical team to carry out research and development ofanti-epidemic products, and successfully launched a number of series ofanti-epidemic products. And through the Sichuan Provincial Government and theSichuan Overseas Chinese Businessmen's Association, CHG donated to Europe theproducts developed and produced by the group that are urgently needed to fightthe disease. The "Smart Anti-Epidemic System Solution" was officiallyreleased to the world at this event, and once released, it completely attractedthe attention of the whole audience and became the most dazzling star at theconference site, which won wide praise from domestic and international guests.

The relevant person in charge of CHG toldreporters that the "smart anti-epidemic system solutions" launchedthis time are divided into five categories: "green environment","healthy living", "home-based epidemic prevention","smart epidemic prevention" and "anti-epidemic supplies".From production to life, from public epidemic prevention to personal epidemicprevention, we strive to achieve comprehensive coverage without dead ends, andfully guarantee the normal restart of normal production, operation and life ofcities, enterprises and residents.

The "Green Environment" seriesrecommended to the world - "Central Air Conditioning Anti-EpidemicSystem", the main application scenario is the central air conditioningpublic office , can effectively filter out various harmful substances in thecirculating air, decompose harmful gases, make the air conditioning system haveantibacterial, sterilization, virus removal and other epidemic preventioneffects of air conditioning systems, make the use of central air conditioningmore safe and reliable, so that people can enjoy healthy air again. The timelyappearance of this product for many shopping malls, restaurants, hotels,hospitals, office buildings and other enterprises using the application ofcentral air conditioning has brought the gospel, to the post-epidemic era toresume work and production, providing security against epidemic.

At present, many places such as schools,classrooms, restaurants, bars, shops, homes, and other indoor space within 100square meters, there is no central air conditioning, but also dense personnel,to address this pain point, CHG launched the "Healthy Living" series- "Germ Killer". This indoor air intelligent clean equipment, caneffectively filter out dust, PM2.5, long-lasting removal of formaldehyde,efficient killing of viruses, bacteria, fungi, prevent cross-infection ofdisease sources, for enterprises and institutions to resume work, production,home health management provides a strong guarantee.

With the emergence of this epidemic,everyone is quarantined at home to combat the epidemic, "homeanti-epidemic" products have become everyone's desire, adaptable premiseswithin 10 square meters such as private cars, taxis, family housing, smallspace, elevators, bathrooms, etc. the "home anti-epidemic" series -"plague light kit". It adopts internationally recognized safedisinfection product chlorine dioxide, unique formula and slow-releasetechnology to prevent the breeding of bacteria and viruses, and it is safe andreliable to kill bacteria. When this "sharp" little kit that protectshome health appeared, it attracted everyone’s attention. Currently, you mustbook in advance to get the product. "With the resumption of production,schools, restaurants, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, offices, factories,airports, train stations, subway stations, long-distance passenger stations,property management districts and other places where people flowing in densenumbers can be inspected on a large scale, CHG's intelligent service robot canrealize "contactless service". The "intelligent disinfectionrobot" and "intelligent inspection and epidemic preventionrobot" are widely used to complete a series of autonomous inspection andduty tasks, greatly improving the degree of intelligence and efficiency,reducing costs and enhancing the effectiveness of epidemic prevention. In thefuture, we will provide intelligent flexible robot series for intelligenthospital, intelligent health management, intelligent school, intelligent hotel,intelligent business, intelligent property, intelligent transportation,intelligent industry, intelligent agriculture and animal husbandry and otherfields, contributing to China's intelligent manufacturing. "Anti-epidemicproducts" series-bamboo famous bamboo fiber series, is based on thenatural antibacterial and antibacterial properties of bamboo fiber, homeantibacterial and antivirus, personal care, daily care products, for homeantibacterial and antivirus, personal care, providing the necessary protection.Earth Village, our home. In this war against epidemic, from individual to home,from enterprise to society, from health to environment, CHG has practiced theGroup's business philosophy of "excellence beyond boarder" throughpractical actions, and promoted Chengdu's "intelligent" new productsto the world, actively fulfilling its social responsibility as a good corporatecitizen and becoming a pioneer in the fight against epidemic and a healthguardian for the people.

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