Hope Senlan Enters a New Era

Hope Senlan Enters a New Era——Moves into one of the largest and mostprofessional electronic industrial parks in the country

In February 2013, Continental Hope Group’s technology company, Hope Senlan,completed its relocation to a new factory and ushered in a new era.

Over ten years,Senlan has seen the development of the Chinese automation industry. It was oneof the earliest companies to develop and apply frequency conversion technology,is now one of China’s largest invertermanufacturers, and was the first inverter company to be named a “ChineseFamous Brand.” Shenlan’strajectory is the epitome of development for China’snational frequency industry.

Today, after thecompletion of the new Senlan Electronic Industrial Park, Senlan has ushered ina new era of development. The new park covers almost 100 acres and is arealization of several billion RMB in investment. It houses full facilities foran R&D center, a machining area, circuit board processing, machineassembly, commissioning testing, and logistical support. All of these areas usethe most advanced production technology and equipment, as well as testingequipment and management mechanisms. At present, the annual production capacityis over 1.2 billion RMB, with 700 employees. The low voltage inverters total1.3 million kW and high voltage inverters total 220,000 kW per year in productioncapacity.

“China’s DomesticInverter Brand” not onlydoes business with many large domestic enterprises, but also has customers inIndia, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, Russia, the UnitedKingdom, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Pakistan, and others. Today SenlanTechnology is looking to establish cooperative relationships with more Fortune500 companies.

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