Li Guoliang, Vice Governor of Hainan Province, and hisentourage visit the Group’s Mumian Lake Project

At15:00 on 17 April 2013, Guoliang Li, the Vice Governor of Hainan Province, andhis entourage, accompanied by the Baisha County Magistrate Xiang Wu, the deputymayor, and other leaders, went to inspect the Group’sMumian Lake project.


Jian Bai, the generalmanager of the Hainan division, described the circumstances of the Group andthe Mumian Lake project to Vice Governor Li as follows: “OurGroup wants to come to Baisha to resolutely implement the relevant policies ofthe Hainan provincial government, especially for ecological resources. We willdevelop acres of land, but never without a purpose.”  Vice Governor Li nodded and praised the work,saying, “Hope Group is a large and famouscompany with a good reputation, and I believe the Group has the ability to dothis project well.”

Subsequently, theVice Governor listened carefully to the project’sprogress, and instructed, “Mumian Lake is a keyproject in Hainan Province, so county leaders must aid this project to providea model for tourism development and construction in Baisha and Hainan at large.”Finally, Vice Governor Li walked around Mumian Lake and said, “Nowcalled Mumian Reservoir, when it becomes the Mumian Lake Project, more treeswill be planted and more flowers will bloom, and this place will be still morebeautiful!”

After going back to Haikoufollowing the briefing, the Vice Governor has recognized Baisha Lake County atleast four times and commended the high level of project planning, constructionspeed, and strict standards of the Group’sproject. Hope Group’s Mumian Lake Project sets agood benchmark for the construction of western Hainan Province’sfuture tourism infrastructure.

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