Senlan Debuts at the 2013 Turkish Electricity, Automation, and Lighting Technology Expo

From 20-24 May, Senlan’s Turkish agents participated in the 2013 Turkish Electricity, Automation, and Lighting Technology Expo. 

Turkey’s location to the north of the Black Sea and west of the Aegan Sea makes it something of a bridge between Europe and Asia. The Turkish Electricity Automation and Lighting Technology Expo (WEM) is organized annually by the ADMIN Expo Company, Ltd. In 2011, the Expo covered 15,000 square meters and housed more than 300 exhibitors catering to over 3 million attendees, 20% of whom were foreign. In 2011, 82% of exhibitors gave satisfactory reviews, and 70% said they would participate in the next show. In 2012, the Expo expanded to 20,000 square meters.

Since 2008, Shenlan has been constantly making progress in international markets. Shenlan currently has clients in India, Iran, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Pakistan, and others. Visitors have come from India, the Czech Republic, Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and other countries to visit the company.

In 2013, Senlan is sending staff to client countries for business communication and technical training, and hopes to arrange more overseas visits.

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