In 2013, Hope Senlan formeda VIP customer club

On 20-23 June2013, Hope Senlan held its “National Conference and VIP Customer Club LaunchingCeremony” in Chengdu, the beautiful land of abundance.

Over the course of three days,industry associations, key customers, and media representatives gathered tohear about Senlan’s development plans. China Electrical Equipment IndustryAssociation utive Vice President Mr. Qiming Yang speaking.

During themeeting, the delegates also visited the new Hope Senlan Industrial Park and theGroup’s subsidiary tourism and real estate projects.

Hope Senlan iscommitted to high voltage inverter technology development and product design,as well as production, sales, and service. It is a key national high-techenterprise, and was one of the earliest companies in the development andapplication of frequency conversion technology. It is China’s largest inverterR&D and manufacturing base, as well as the industry’s first recipient ofthe “Chinese Famous Brand” title, which it has won for six consecutive years.From its inception, the company has adhered to the concept of “Foundingtechnology”, and has implemented a brand strategy of “guiding technology,quality protection, Senlan brand name, and first-rate service”.

In recent years,the company has been building its customer base. Since it began to enticehigh-tech customers, Senlan frequency converters have successfully been appliedto cement, steel, petroleum, metallurgy, textile, pharmaceutical, and dozens ofother industries and fields. (It is particularly worth mentioning that thecompany’s high-end custom products have also been successfully used insatellite, aerospace, submarine applications, as well as the National Stadium,rail transportation, and other industries. The inverter has won an excellentdomestic reputation, and is expanding abroad. Since 2012, the company has alsocollaborated with Daikin from Japan, Indonesian APP, Johnson and Johnson, andseveral other Fortune 500 companies).

Hope SenlanTechnology Park is located in the Chengdu Southewest Airport EconomicDevelopment Zone, and was built with a 200 million RMB total investment. Itcovers almost 100 acres, with centers for R&D, machining, circuit boardprocessing, machine assembly, testing, logistical support, and more. The Parkuses the most advantanced production technology, equipment, testing equipment,and management mechanisms. It employs over 700 people and has a productioncapacity of 1.3 million kW of low-voltage converters and 220,000 kWhigh-voltage inverters per year. The establishment of the company’s VIPcustomer club aims to both provide customers with more reliable products andbetter service, and also build a shared enterprise product line platform.

The company hasdeveloped a 2013-2015 strategic future development plan. It will continueadhering to the “saving China, driving the world, partnering with all”philosophy in its cooperation with domestic and foreign customers and friends.Senlan will make unremitting efforts to realize its dream, as well as the Chinadream!

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