A Singapore Shipping Tycoon Comes to China through Atlantis

Recently,the former president of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Directorof the Singapore PIL, Mr. Xongsheng Zhang, and his party arrived in Chengdu tovisit the Atlantis development’s acres of international villas. Atlantis wasnamed to the Hurun Report’s “China’s Top Eight Luxury Real Estate” projects,and is the only project to be located in the Southwest. The Continental HopeGroup built it to achieve the goal of “building to world-class luxurystandards.”

In the exchange,Continental Hope Group’s President, Dr. Bin Chen, introduced the design, fromthe concept, project planning, design team, landscape, art collection, andother characteristics. As early as 2012, when the Atlantis team held a globalpromotion event at the Singapore Fullerton Hotel, the shipping tycoon said thatAtlantis would be on par with the highest standards of world luxury andquality. As a result, he came to Chengdu to see Atlantis’s professionalstandards himself, and more deeply understand the strength of Chengdu’shigh-end real estate sector. Now that he understands the overall planning,location, landscape resources, design team, and product details, he sincerelyadmires Hope Group’s ution of the project.

With regard to the issue of high-end villa investment, the shipping tycoon said, “Aluxury mansion will always be a ‘defensive asset’, while Atlantis is up toworld standards in brand strength, resources, exclusivity, land value,uniqueness, quality of service, and living comfort.” The shipping tycoon saidthat Atlantis might very well surpass luxury American real estate as the globalstandard.

Togetherwith Dirong, the shipping tycoon is the best-known entrepreneur from Singapore.On this trip, he strolled around the project’s center and saw a model home,enjoyed a private dinner at the club, and had high praise for the sophisticateddesign of the “private islands”. In order to respect the tycoon’s low-keyprofile, Continental Hope Group didn’t share too much industry analysis andother information, but the visit to the project when it is reaching maturityhad the inevitable result of impressing the tycoon.  

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