Successful“Atlantis Night” International Education Conference and Welcome Reception Held

On 16 October, representatives fromthe College of William and Mary, a prestigious American university, attendedthe “Atlantis Night” reception at the International Education Symposium.University President Mr. W. Taylor Reveley III and his party participated inthe seminar. The theme of the seminar was “higher education: let us share hope”and was aimed at discussing developments in Chinese and internationaleducation.   Other participants included the University of ElectricScience and Technology President, Mr. Yanrong Li, Chinese Academy of Scienceexpert Mr. Shenggang Liu, and other Chinese academic authorities. Atlantis isone of the real estate projects built by the Continental hope Group, and wasdesigned with input from foreign firms like the British ATKINS, American DAHLINand WATG, Canadian FORREC, and others. These firms made up the world-class“dream team” that designed Atlantis’s magnificent architecture. The service standardsat Atlantis also won the coveted “Golden Key” award from the Platinum ButlerInternational Service, and these awards led to the project’s selection as oneof “China’s Eight Luxury Real Estate”developments.

Inexchange, Continental Hope Group’s President, Dr. Bin Chen, spoke on thesubjects of project planning, assembling a design team, landscape advantages,and collectible art investment products. Mr. W. Taylor Reveley III from Williamand Mary shared his personal development and education experiences,particularly emphasizing the necessity of an independent education environment.Other guests spoke on elite education models from the United States. 
Subsequently,the guests visited Swan Lake and a model island, to introduce the concept ofthe island luxury home. Mr. W Taylor Reveley III of William and Mary was moved,and spoke about his own experience with “how to interpret the soft power of luxuryreal estate, and how to promote the exchange and integration of high-end luxuryreal estate and education.” As such, the Atlantis Clubhouse served as animportant bridge between international education and China.

Afterthe reception, the honored guests were treated to a sumptuous dinnerinterspersed with mask-changing performances, Italian opera, unique Chineseclassical dance, and folk music. This added to the atmosphere of culturalexchange between Chinese and foreign elites, and therefore had a strongresonance.

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