Sotheby’s Makes UnannouncedVisit to Chengdu, Atlantis Is Added to List of the World’s Select Mansions

Recently,Sotheby’s Washington shareholder David Desantis flew to Chengdu for a surprisevisit to the only southwestern development on Hurun’s “2013 Eight Luxury ChinaReal Estate” list. Continental Hope Group launched a discussion about “theworld’s top ten luxury real estate projects: luxury real estate purchase andinvestment value”.

Local media gathered inChengdu’s Ocean Star clubhouse to participate in the event. Numerous industryveterans, senior Continental Hope Group businessmen, and David had a livelydiscussion on “investment in luxury real estate and investment value.”

Continental Hope Group firstintroduced the idea of making the Atlantis project an embodiment of Plato’s“Utopia”, incorporating each part of the “palace – polis – paradise” model. Ina location graced with three mountains and five bodies of water, Atlantis istruly a rare example of a masterpiece of art and luxury.

David said, “Unlikethe traditional high-end luxury real estate properties, the “brand” of modernluxury real estate must imply aristocratic culture and image. A top luxury realestate line must have three elements: a small number of properties, customattributes, and a good brand. The unique Atlantis concept already has my deepadmiration.” Then, David shared his international vision of luxury real estate,drawing from his experience in Beverly Hills, Hyde Park, Starwood, and others.He said that the first and foremost value of luxury real estate lies in itsscarcity, but it also incorporates the value of the landscape, cultural valuesof the location, resources, and views. Real luxury real estate must account forultimate resource value, which gives value to the product itself. The eternal struggleis to create the ultimate resource.

After listening toDavid speak, media participants and guests discussed China’s luxury real estateinvestment for the next decade. People agreed that with its “investment,quality products, and liveability”, Atlantis is at the forefront of luxury andis bound to be historic and rare.

David has alsoexpressed great interest in Atlantis and the Hainan Mumian Lake Project. Hesaid, “Within the international luxury goods sector, Sotheby’s has accumulateda wealth of experience, and we would like to cooperate with Continental Hope.”

The President ofContinental Hope Group, Dr. Bin Chen, will increase Atlantis’s luxury potentialover time. The anticipation, then, is wonderful

Continental Hope wants to create theluxurious Atlantis in order to allow its high-end customers to enjoy modernarchitecture and high quality of life, but the properties are also valuable asinvestments. Even as praise floods in from domestic and global sources,Atlantis will continue to pursue to ultimate dream of creating the perfectresidence.

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