Harvard China Dialogue at Atlantis

Steve Kelman, Wilson winner, public management research lifetimeachievement award winner and professor of Kennedy school of government ofHarvard University led 25 future global talents to visit Ocean-heart clubhouseof Atlantis on 2pm, March 18th.

Meanwhile, this dialogue has invited famous economist and entrepreneurssuch as Steve Kelman, professor of Kennedy public policy of Harvard University,Professor Liu Shibai, famous economist of China and honorable president of SouthwesternUniversity of Finance and Economics, Doctor Chenbin, president of continentalhope group, Professor Liu Yu, vice dean of Chengdu administration institute,Doctor Chaoyu Liu, president of Sino-US friendship association of Newport News,Ms. Liqi, chairman of Chinese Students and Scholars Association of Kennedy schoolof government of Harvard University have participated the dialogue ofDeveloping mode of Chinese private economy. The forum was hosted by Mr. LiuWenbin, chairman of Beijing Anjia Media Group and Guest Professor of BeijingNormal University.
Although this visit is a low-key program, but the visit ofHarvard scholar team draws great attention of mainstream media of Sichaunprovince.
Special visit from Harvard scholar team to Hope, Great attentionto Chinese private economic mode
It is reported this Harvard visit is to promote furthereducation of future leaders and enhance exchanges of economy, culture, scienceand education between china and US which are elaborately selected. Chengdu isthe second stop of this visit only after Shanghai and Beijing is the thirdstop.
Chengdu, as the representational economic and cultural center ofsouthwestern China, witnessed the emergence of famous private enterprise likeCHG. The scholar team especially visited Atlantis project, top 8 luxuryproperties of China. The dialogue between leaders of Chinese economy and Harvardscholars is a mind feast on economy and development among china and internationalsocieties. 

President Chenbin introduced the development history, businessmode and status quo of CHG and shared CHG’s strategy, vision and internationalcooperation by taking Atlantis as the example. The profound exchange hasprovide a thorough platform to make the audience not only further understandCHG and Atlantis but also the development history, environment and successfactors of Chinese private economy.

Mr. Steve Kelman thought the entrepreneurship and innovativemode of CHG are quite attractive by perfectly combining social responsibilityand business value of the enterprise, which is rarely to be seen in thisindustry. CHG made a good example by demonstrating the importance of socialvalue to sustainable development of the enterprise.
Ms. Liqi is highly interested on natural resources, planningconcept, design team and portfolio of Atlantis. She thinks the legendary luxuryAtlantis created is rare in China, even in the world.
Atlantis international strategy shaped up
Atlantis is born to be a different project.

With arrival of Singapore shipking, Sotheby, William Maryscholar team, Christchurch school delegation, the combination of Harvard futureleader dialogue has opened a reservation green pass to south western wealth class,attracting the passion of a considerable number of enterprise leaders.
In 2013, Hurun, the founder of Hurun China Rich List, chairmanand chief researcher of Hurun report issued 2013 top 8 Chinese luxuryproperties of Chengdu Atlantis, Shanghai Greentown rose garden, Beijing XiaoyunRoad No.8. Atlantis is the only southwestern project on the list.

President Chenbin once said, as the investment operator ofluxury property, CHG not only aims at building a luxury property project, butalso representing soft power beyond hard facilities. Atlantis brought in goldenkey, platinum butler and British butler service for elegant experience.

The arrival of famous universities and schools has demonstrated themodel effect of an international premium property.
The internationalization of a great project has set a newstandard for luxury property, the high-end taste and internationalization basedon luxury property are the rare resources in this industry.

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