“back to Atlantis” Amusement Park Opening

[Introduction] The Originsof Atlantis

The legend of Atlantis began with the writings of Plato,which spoke of a legendary dreamland across time and space, 12,000 years agoand across the oceans. Atlantis was a dream city with magnificent architectureand unprecedented technology, the most glorious creation in human history, andthe pinnacle of civilization. It was later described in more and more beautifullanguage, and became known as the most shining part of human civilization.

To reproduce the twelve thousand year old land as a fantasyof ancient civilization, Continental Hope Group’s Hope Cultural TourismDevelopment Company carefully planned, built, and now opened a unique amusementpark named “Return to Atlantis”.

On the 9th of August2014, Continental Hope Group held an opening ceremony for its first amusementpark and the world’s first to reproduce Atlantis:the “Return to Atlantis” park. The project covers 105 acres and includes leisure and high-endamusement for a cohesive and interactive experience.

“Return to Atlantis” is located south of Chengdu on the banks of Pear Creek and to the southside of Ma Mountain. It is 20 minutes away from Chengdu’s 2nd Ring Road, and also 20 minutes from the Bauhinia Area bycar. The construction of more than 30 high-end rides has formed athree-dimensional experience engaging each of the senses to bring visitors on amagical journey.

“Return to Atlantis” is organized around the idea of civilization, so naturally uses runningwater for its melody. You can experience the glory of an empire, the happinessof a continent, the exotic nature of tribal chiefs, the excitement of thepost-industrial era, the adventure of a forest, and much more.

The simplicity and power ofpyramids and the ancient Egyptian god Amon combine to form a spectacularentrance area dotted by giant faces and old buildings shrouded in fantasticcolors.

The colorful cartoon show isthe distinctive feature of this area, and it creates a cozy atmosphere ofhappiness and innocence that will be filled with children’s laughter.

The Chiefs’ Tribal Area

This area of the park ismysterious and primitive.

This primitive island is filledwith mystical powers, and encountering the ancient temple of Poseidon isstrange, as if a mysterious force is compelling you to approach.

The Temple of Poseidon is an interactive 3D animationshow that utilizes the latest in interactive technology. Besides Atlantis, onlyDisneyland also possesses such technology. The theme of the whole project comesalive through unique decoration, advanced computer software, andthree-dimensional graphics to give the audience a real-time unique andinteractive entertainment experience. 

Temple of Poseidon Project

Post-Industrial Era Zone

Here you can feel the hot andcold of passion and strength as the Poseidon Eye Ferris wheel is waiting foryou to accept its challenge. 

The Poseidon Eye

Thespeed arena has a theme of “heavy metal” and is modeled after a waste facility to give visitors a deep sense of thepost-modern. The athletics stadium requires racers to hear the call, preparefor take-off, and then race for victory.

Speed Athletics

Red Dragon Castle District

This is a separate area due toits distinctive theme, centered around the Red Dragon Castle. There is theAtlas Road, the Clash of the Titans, Return to Atlantis, and other equipment,along with magical accessories. Come to Red Dragon Caste to feel a differentmystery and charm.

Dotted by mysterious primitive totems, and quiet oldwarships, this area seems to be telling the story of a sleeping legend. Takethe Atlas Road, whose perfect arcing hull makes riders feel the wonderfulsensation of walking through the clouds.

Atlas Number

Clash of the Titans

Buildingon the theme of cultural features is one of the main goals of this project.

Froma distance, Return to Atlantis is more like a grand Roman palace, with its20-meter high stone walls giving it a sense of majesty and grandeur. Touristsswept down from its ten-meter high drop into the waves will embrace the waterwith open arms and enjoy the experience of gravity.

Contributed by: Zhao Yi Editor: Zhang Yiman

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