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James Hervey-Bathurst, Chairman of RBS Real Estate Division, Chief Advisor of Christies, Chairman of UK National Heritage Association and owner of eminent Eastnor Castle visited Atlantis, the high-end low-density villa project of CHG on September 9th and pleasantly exchanged profound thoughts with domestic celebrities at Ocean Heart Clubhouse in the theme of UK’s Noble Lifestyle.

President Chen Bin and Earl James Hervey-Bathurst pour champagne together

Owner of Eastnor Castle highly praises Atlantis

Unveil and cut ribbons of St.Louis Castle, the king building worth 380 million

To be the owner of Eastnor Castle, Earl James is a gentleman of 100-year nobility bloodline of Somers, the top 3 most powerful family of Europe. Distinguished guests such as Queen Victoria, King George V, Queen Elisabeth II and other royal members has stayed in his castle ever since the 16th century, witnessing a 400-year history of nobilities and country.

Earl James’s visit to China was exclusively invited by Atlantis, the top 8 largest luxury properties of China located in Chengdu, to attend September UK Nobility Culture Salon of Atlantis so as to distill UK’s nobility lifestyle for better cultural understanding and exchanges. Atlantis is the only Southwestern property project listed on 2013 Top 8 largest luxury properties of China of Hurun Report. Covering an area of approximately 4000 mu, Atlantis shows the integrated endeavor of world top team in every detail and material of the garden and architecture with the epic plan of Palace, Paradise and Polis, making not only the sales champion of the legendary low-density villa project of Chengdu in the first half year of 2014 but also the exclusive destination of Earl James’s visit to China.

President Chen Bin, Earl James Hervey-Bathurst and Harvard MBA Professor Mr. Christopher Marquis cut ribbons for the king building of Atlantis - St.Louis Castle

Doctor Mr. Chen Bin briefed the history, business mode and status quo of CHG and gave more details in planning idea, objective, software and hardware standard, lifestyle and international cooperation of Atlantis. Meanwhile, Earl James introduced the history and current situation of Eastnor Castle, hunting ground and Land Rover Global Test Base and shared lifestyle details of UK’s modern nobilities to the audience.

President Chen Bin and Earl James Hervey-Bathurst exchanges gifts

Through profound interactive exchanges, presented guests do not only have a deeper understanding of CHG and Atlantis but also UK’s nobility and their lifestyles.

What’s worth to be mentioned here is that after visiting the whole project, Earl James highly values the portfolio of Atlantis, especially the king building with a value of 380 million, he pointed out the king building can be legendary even in Europe for generations to come. Moreover, Earl James was invited by President Chen Bin to unveil and cut ribbons of the king building –St. Louis Castle and autographed his signature.

Earl James Hervey-Bathurst autographed his signature for the king building of Atlantis –St. Louis Castle

The epic exchange between Earl James and upper celebrities and aristocrats of China is deemed as a feast of thought of China’s top circle.

Atlantis International Strategy Shapes up Chengdu First-class Circle

Ever since the date of birth, Atlantis demonstrates an unprecedented development methodology.

Visits started from Mr. Zhang Songsheng, the ship king of Singapore, Mr. David, Director of Sotheby, delegation of college of William and Mary, principal of Christchurch school, delegation of Stanford MBA to delegation of Kennedy School of Government of Harvard University all represented combined solid strength of Atlantis and global top circle.

President Chen Bin once said, as the luxury property investor and developer, the vision of CHG is not only limited to build a luxury property project but also exemplify the soft power beyond international hardware facilities. Now Atlantis has brought in the international service such as Golden Key, Platinum Butler and UK Butler to the community to perfect master experience. The owner of Atlantis can enjoy cutting-edge education and service, aesthetic environment and architecture as well as utmost privacy.

CHG Officers and Earl James Hervey-Bathurst sign MOU

Global celebrities’ footprints in Atlantis shows a new trend of China’s property history, moreover, Atlantis becomes the best practice and model of international top properties---we have seen a considerable number of top properties with high-end facilities, but what makes Atlantis unique is realizing the sense of international taste and lifestyle based on top quality.

President Chen Bin, Earl James Hervey-Bathurst and Harvard MBA Professor Mr. Christopher Marquis take pictures together in front of the king building of Atlantis—St. Louis

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