Lead Inverter Industry of China---Slanvert Participated in Stipulating National Standard

Standardization represents activities to stipulate common and repeatedly-applied regulations for real-term or latent issues so as to balance best order within certain territory. It includes general process of stipulating, releasing and implementing the standard. The importance of stipulating national standard is to improve the applicability of domestic product, process and service to promote technical cooperation and avoid trade barrier.

As the main participant of stipulating national inverter frequency control standard, Slanvert has achieved the breakthrough of incorporating domestic frequency control industry to national standard. To be more precise, Hope Slanvert is accredited as China’s Famous Brand and China’s Advanced Standardization Company and takes part in revising and stipulating GB12668.3-2012 (3rd section of frequency-control and electric-drive system---requirement of EMC and its specific test method ), GB12668.501-2013 (5-1 section of frequency-control and electric-drive system---safety requirement of electricity, heat and energy), GB/T 30843.1—2014 (1st section of general frequency control device within 1KV-35KV---technical requirement) and GB/T 30844.2—2014 (2nd section of general frequency control device below 1KV---test method). At present, Hope Slanvert is devoting great efforts to stipulate and revise standard for exclusive inverters for injection molding machine and tooling machine.

To understand the industrial trend and have a bigger say in interest, a company must put great efforts in upgrading its own standard into industrial, national, even international level. By far, Hope Slanvert has be participated in stipulating and revising more than 20 terms of national standard, witnessing 20-year dedication of research in inverter technology.

Insider claims although company taking part in national standard stipulation is rare, they still believe that, via concerted efforts of domestic brands represented by Hope Slanvert, China’s inverter industry will create new dynamism with unique branding and significance through innovation to move several steps forward to the international stage.

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