Love witness at Homeland-Grand ground promotional event of homeland hotel wedding show

Consecutiverainy Chengdu presents rare sunshine on November 11 to 111 beautiful singlegirls in all kinds of wedding dresses at Chengdu eastern suburb memory park,who will take photos of the moment to pursue their happiness and expectation oflove.

The love dream show event is sponsored and organized by China’s best weddinghotel-homeland hotel. 111 singles girls at all ages all have a shared dream towear the holy wedding gown with a loving husband to marriage but somehow theypass by love due to busy city life.

In order to help these girls to realize happiness and dream, homeland hotelgathers them on November 11 at the romantic Eastern Suburb Memory Park to unfoldbeauty,  love and farewell to single life.

Meanwhile,homeland hotel is holding a brand new theme wedding show on November 23, 2014. Thesebeautiful single girls will invite single boys to hang out in homeland and saygoodbye to single life.

We’relooking forward to meeting you at four season hall of Chengdu Homeland Hotel at2:30 on November 23, 2014.

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